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    Linux and Winmodems

    Well, not sure if you need a tech repulic accout to access this page, but it does explain how to set up a winmodem in linux.

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    Here's what I suggest.... (had this issue)

    Go to linmodems.org, scroll down to past the <hr> tag and pick your specific chipset....

    Then follow the link to another site and obtain the specific rpm package for your modem
    (some have generic drivers, while others are specific to the linux flavor and kernel version)

    Then go into Linux, into the console (or whatever your Linux calls it) and run the rpm file
    (rpm -i xxxxxxxx.rpm)

    It should tell you the information needed to set the dialer...

    Then run the dialer, go to setup, click on the modem tab, then assign what the rpm info said
    (ie: /dev/tty0 - xon/off or the default (which is probably what the .rpm set the drivers at))

    Once you do that, test the communication (ATI) and see if it gives you the info of the modem, if so success, if not, try another in case....

    If you go to reinstall the .rpm package in case it didn't install properly, remember to remove the package before reinstalling it....

    Any questions, pm me....

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