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Thread: my boss got firewall log of my portscan

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    my boss got firewall log of my portscan

    i was just playin around with my brand new portscanner (as i am newbie babe) n i didn't no that alart mails went to IT team (inc me..)
    it has my IP add, package dropped etc etc

    thanks to employee rights, he is on holiday till the end of mth.
    how can i erase the alart police mails + firewall log from my boss's?? help me pleeeeeeeeaaaaase!
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    Why were you portscanning in the first place? Don't be a coward, confess to what you did. I mean, how bad will they punish you for a lousy portscan?
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    DOH! praying might help. Anything else would unethical. Just explain the situation when he gets back.
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    He's probaly a janitor and shouldn't of been touching a computer in the first place.
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    Attempt to tamper with logs and give them more documentation to terminate you instead of disciplining you.

    Explain yourself and don't try to cover it up.

    Next time be sure what you are doing does not violate any IT policies... In my company, that's a sure way to be forced to find a new job.

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    Gee, I hope they are not monitoring your internet traffic, so they see you comming on here asking how to delete logs to cover up what you shouldn't have been doing in the first place.

    You best bet is to be up front with him. Tell him exactly what you did, and why. Thats about your only option now....
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    that alart mails went to IT team (inc me..)

    um...so if you're a legit part of your co's "IT team" (kinda scary to me but that's just me...)...you probably could have some legit reason to do a portscan....I regularily nmap my network...inside and out...makes me feel better...just tell them what and why you did what you did...trying to hide what you did...epsecially if you don't know what you are doing...and obviously you don't...you WILL leave tracks....and covering up will look far worse than "just checking our ports looking for something we missed..."

    however...if you are trying to cover up more than you are telling us....well...as the rental car lady said to steve martin in planes trains and automobiles....

    "well.....you're fuuuuucked"

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    And another afterthought - if you're not on the IT team, you probably shouldn't be running anything that would appear to be an attack or preparation for a future attack....

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    The truth shall set you free....

    ....and a cover up shall set you free to find a new job
    - Jimmy Mac

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