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Thread: How to gt rid Of Microsoft server technology

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    How to gt rid Of Microsoft server technology


    I have a very generalistic question : How can I build up a LAN without any use of Microsft technology, based on Linux fir exemple.

    I am actually testing samba as a transition solution.

    But How is it possible to build a LAN without anay NT technoloy and still have :

    -Secured users loggin and ressources adminitration

    -remore/local access with attack/virus protection

    -windows clients support and possibly acces to theirs disks and printers

    -domain or area definition, workgroup management

    -Secured Lan extension using VPN.

    This definition may look pretty dummy to anyone using Linux regularly, but so far it looks very difficult to me to understand in which direction I should start.

    Thanks a lot for any advice, URL, ....!

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    And a generalistic answer....Solaris, BSD, linux.

    I'd start by learning some linux/Unix. Read the tut's here on AO. They are jam packed with good stuff.
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    yvisit many of the major distros web sites such as redhat they have sites dedicated to there sever os features and all,

    and spend a day at barnes n nobles picking ur self up a few good books

    install in a lab enviroment and just "play" around u will learn a lot

    just some help full info from someone that was recently in ur same situation
    and if u can build your boxes with linux in mind to assure driver capibility,

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    easy dont use NT
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    perhaps Samba but that is based on NT stuff
    You'll need that if you just want to replace the NT part but keep the Win9x part

    otherwise ssh and sftp r realy safe (ssh2)
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