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Thread: Palm Pilots, a hackers toy?

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    Lightbulb Palm Pilots, a hackers toy?

    Allright fellas lets hear it from the best of the best, is buying a PDA really worth it? Should one buy a PDA now, or wait 2 months for something better(if there is anything coming out worth waiting for) What new technologies are going to be available for PDA's in the near future? Gimmie the low down please! also I know this is security related site but the info I get on here for my posts is awesome!


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    Well, no matter what you are considering, computers or otherwise, as soon as you open the box it will be outdated. There is really no point in wating for the next big thing unless you have knowledge of what the next big thing truly is, or you can't afford it right now.

    IMHO, I love my Visor.

    Can no longer live w/out it.
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    I have a Palm V (slightly dated) but still very useful. Would be in trouble if I lost it (contains calendar and address book). I agree with 1100.... if you see one u like buy it now.

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    The Palm V has managed to live quite long in this world of PDAs and is still a great tool. The Visor, as well, is probably an equally valid device. I'd suggest you pick the one you like the best and get started - obsoletion is inevitably and, well, anything already sitting on the shelves at your local retailer is already obsolete by definition.

    Normally, I notice that there are "two bells" as far as pricing structures go on computer equipment/peripherals. My "normal" practice is to buy at the top-end of the lower bell, personally (ie. at the top of the price break). Seems to be a good thing to do in a continual cycle of obseletion - at least in my opinion, you get the best value for your money... even though you inevitably will need to upgrade at some point.
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