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Thread: Who's out of school for the summer?

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    Who's out of school for the summer?

    I am curious and would like to know who's out of school for the summer. I got out today, but I didn't go since it was a half day and we do nothing that day.
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    Next friday our school closes for the summer. =)
    Im really lookin forward 2 it.
    Gonna get so drunk! =)
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    I've been out for a week now. I got into this new school, too, and it opens a week later than the school I've been in does, so it means I get two extra weeks of summer vacation. Yay! :-D

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    I'm out of school for the summer... and fall, and winter, and spring and next summer too... oh wait! I don't actually go to school. LOL
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    Damn draziw, thats close to what I was going to post Although I was going to make a point that I have been out of school close to 5 years now....
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    Just 5 years? You a youngin', souleman.

    Whats' with the really lame threads lately?

    I mean if you want this kind of convo, go to geocities or something.....sheesh!
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