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Thread: Security text section

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    Security text section

    I was looking at the antionline main page when I realized that I had never gone through the security text files section. I donít know maybe my expectations of what should have been in the security text file section were a little to high. I found a few good text but most of the stuff is crap.

    The following was taken from one of the .txt files in the text section.
    After reading this ask your self why is this on antionline?

    life sucks, right?

    no matter what you do, you'll probably end up ****ed, so why not...

    ...BREAK ****!

    it's free, it's fun and goddamnit, anybody can do it!

    there is nothing i like better than to take something beautiful and
    make it ugly.

    take for instance, my ex-girlfriend. oh yes, that bitch... i have
    fond memories of her-- sitting in the dirt with her skull caved in.
    my god! what a pain in the ass that creature was. WAS.

    i opened a window to her soul-- WITH MY FIST.

    but i guess it's on to bigger and better things, eh?

    breaking ****. that's where it's at.

    as i said, it's a lot of fun. here is a suggestion for the next time
    you decide to break glass or something: do it in the nude. it is
    SO liberating.

    speaking of liberation, take a piss in a pool. it's fun and other
    people get to swim in it. plus, the pool water feels great against
    your balls!

    the name of the game is making other people feel bad so that you can
    feel good. that's a given. lets, however, take it a step further.
    imagine in one act of gratuitous evil alienating the entire world...
    oh yes, i am talking about the mother of all sins, baby! i am
    talking about...

    do you really want to know?

    i mean do you REALLY want to know?

    cops be knock knock knockin' at your door after this stunt, buster.

    you will definately serve time in detention.

    people will look at you funny, too.



    okay! i will tell you!

    not now, though. maybe another issue.
    I thought that maybe that one may have just slipped through the cracks. So I looked at a few other text and most of them donít even have anything to do with security.

    Spring break. We all know what goes on during this
    vaction... Parties, riots, rapes, things blowing up, cops raids,
    etc... basically anything illegal. The tyme of year when all the
    tired, lazy, bums who call theirselves students finally awake to
    be the true party animals they really are. In other words, total
    ANARCHY!! Yes, the tyme of year when all the students travel to
    Palm Springs or Fort Lauderdale to party till they are dead or
    arrested, whichever comes first.

    For all you guys and gals out there that just love to destroy
    things, this is the text file for you... This one will tell you
    how to do some real evil stuff. Like burning down houses, Blowing
    up animals and other sadistic stuff...<grin>, The kinda stuff that
    makes being a teenager worth while.

    Let's say you have an enemy, or a friend, or just feel like
    making anyone have a very bad day, week, month...etc... try this.
    Most of you have access to small explosives, or big explosives
    like M2000's. And if you don't, WHO CARES, make some of your own!
    All you need is a good and powerful explosive and a fuse that is
    atleast 20 - 30 feet long, and if you are really in to explosives,
    get a tymer or a detenator. Go to the house of your choice, find
    the fuse/electrical box on the side of the house and place your
    explosive in the box, and set the fuse. Make sure you're very far from
    the house you are doing this too, just so you don't wake up with
    a piece of alluminum siding in your face. Now lite the fuse and...
    POW!!! By the tyme the fire engine and cops get there, the house
    should be atleast half burnt down by now, if not the whole mother-
    ****er! I would say that all of their worldly possesions have been
    turned into toast by now. And if you are lucky (and they are not),
    they don't have fire insurance! Muahahaa! I suggest you try to stay
    as far as possible from the house, unless you think it is safe.


    We all know that alot of teenagers will have Jeeps. Those are
    great fun, you could strip those things down to the bare tin in
    about 1 min. Just get the nessacery stuff and you can unscrew the
    doors off, the windshield off and the roof. Also, you can open
    the hood by just pulling up on the small black nobs on the both
    sides of the hood. That is cool because you can place an explosive
    in the engine and say goodbye to that car REALLY fast! HAhaa..

    Wanna blow up a dog or a cat? Just shoot the mother****er as
    it walks by.


    I hope this text file will help you next tyme you decide to get
    revenge on someone or just want to have phun... Latr!
    Iím simply suggesting that the text file section could use a little clean up.

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    I agree with cwk9.... I understand how deteus it'll be to do the job, but there's some stuff in the text archives that are just worthless...

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    that is sick another good point to my suggestion about less msg boards and a more centralized system in which we wont need a task force for moderating...yes i know we are supposed to be mature adults but reality is lots of sickos out therer and if we have only 5 msg boards less sick posts can go undeleted check my suggestion at http://www.antionline.com/showthread...053#post524578
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    Good point, I've read some of the Cult of the Dead Cow text files (not from AO, but I think you can find them here) and they're really sick. They often have nothing to do with security, computers or indeed anything. A lot of them are just sickening tales about how society is and some of the fantasies of the owners.

    A lot of the files in the archives are out of date, I understand that this is one of the ideas of an archive (to keep old information), but couldn't we have a search function for All Files updated in the last X days/weeks/months/years etc.? At least then I could filter out all the older stuff that I've read already, is out of date and I'd download via FTP from Wiretapped because it's faster and more reliable than HTTP.
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    Remember, one of the "selling points" of this site is the hacker profiling section. I believe (not postive though) that JP was paid to write the "How to profile a hacker" text. Anyway, texts like that may not have much to do with security, but it can be used for profiling purposes. 2 texts may be written by different people (alias) but still by the same person (irl). Sometimes, the texts can give clues about a person. Their life, where they live, their education, etc etc.
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    Originally posted here by pwaring
    Good point, I've read some of the Cult of the Dead Cow text files (not from AO, but I think you can find them here) and they're really sick. They often have nothing to do with security, computers or indeed anything. A lot of them are just sickening tales about how society is and some of the fantasies of the owners.
    Yup, they're perverted. But...it's their site, they can do what they want with it.
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