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Thread: Undocumented security feature

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    Undocumented security feature

    I was on a different machine the other day and couldn't find my password. So I went through the lost password system and this is what I got back:
    Here are your login details for the bulletin board at http://www.antionline.com/ .

    Username = ntsa
    Password =

    Don't forget that they are case sensitive!

    To edit your profile, go to this page:

    AntiOnline team
    The password is noticable only by its absence. I figure that this is an undocumented security feature - lol - If this gets resolved can someone PM me please because I want to set my AO account up on my palm (I'm not addicted - honest ).

    Thanks for the speedy resolution on the Edit profile redirection issue I posted before btw
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    Same thing happened to me. *shrugs* At least I know no one is going to ruin my good name here by getting my password. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
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    Yep, it happened to me also.. but it was on my home machine...
    sent a Email regarding the problem.. never had a reply.. not suprised expected that...
    So i registered as another user.. happy as a Pig in mud..

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    Yep... reported the same thing to JD a month or two back. Good to see it's still a good undocumented "feature." LOL
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    You're supposed to write your password
    on a POST-IT note and stick it to your monitor
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    Greetings All:

    Problem fixed, thanks.

    thread closed.

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