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Thread: Virus Infection

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    Virus Infection

    I recently formated, and I was getting back all my software (ie. firewall, antivirus) when in the middle of my Norton download, I got a BSOD, (well, its green now, thnx to whoever that was who posted the program on changing the BSOD). Now my comp is real screwy. I downloaded other antivirus, but I get an error message on install and a BSOD, all of the system check points have been errased from system restore. I ran an online virus scan, and came up with, well, alot of results ( see attached photo ) The virus is titled "PE SPACES.1445" and is located in
    "C:\_Restore\TEMP". I have found only one set of instructions on google for removeing this, but it involves a NAV rescue disk, witch of course I don't have, because I was downloading it = \ . I could get a friend to create one, but most of them are to lazy. If anyone can help with some removal instructions or basicly any ideas on how to help id appreiate it. Oh I forgot to mention, I cleared all internet files, temp, cache. Also, when I try to clean/delete the infected files or the folder C:\_RESTORE\TEMP , I get an access deined, File in use error message. I have turned everything off in bootup using winconifg. I am out of ideas, so anyone that could help id appetiate it.
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    My honest recommendation? Since you recently formatted anyway, why not simply reformat?


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    I will go for fdisk followed by format with the u and s switches
    Hope this helps

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    i go with them i mean is there anyting on the HD u want?..no sinceu already formatted and backed up everything presumably...so just put in ur boot disk and go on to fdisk
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