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Thread: Big drop in AntiPoints

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    Big drop in AntiPoints

    If someone has one grey antipoint next to their name and when you click on it the JavaScript alert box says "<username> has some antipoints", and then I give them some negative points, suddenly they go from having one grey dot to *two* red dots! Surely they should go from one grey, to one red to two red? I know I've got a few antipoints myself but I only give out ~5 each assignment.

    Is this a bug or is the system meant to work like this? Only if I (or anyone else with ~250+ AP) comes across a newbie that they don't like they can really put them down.

    An example can be found in the thread attention hackers under the newsgroup alt.hacking The first guy is the one who lost his AP when I flamed him for posting such a stupid topic.
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    Ummm...yeah, well, my advice would be just to let the AntiPoints amounts take care of themselves. JP said there's song long, complex formula to how much AntiPoints a user gives out in one hit. No one has discovered this formula...me thinks no one will...cos we are all too lazy.

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    I'm still pissed after a hi-antipoint person.. slaped me with a red for saying thanks in a post...

    i'll go and have a cold shower and see I cool down...

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    pwaring> It is possible that other people gave him neg-antipoints at the same time you did. So when you refreshed your screen, it appeard that you gave him 2 red dots.

    Also, the newsgroups are not really a part of antionline. 99% of the posts in there are not from antionline members. They will most likely never see the antipoints you give them. Actually, the points were probably never truly assigned because it was to a non-member.
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    souleman > nope, this "bug" (if it is a bug) happened twice in one day (today) and once before, so I doubt that it is a coincidence (if it is then it's a very big one!). Also, one post had not been given any negative points before, so it can't have been the case of lots of members assigning at once.

    I know that the newsgroups are not part of AO, but AO members can still post in there and be awarded either positive or negative APs for what they say. You can't assign APs to a non-member because there is no link to do so (neither can you PM or email them, but that's besides the point anyway).

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    Greetings All:

    I spent about a half hour looking through logs, and everything is working as it should be.

    Pwaring, the AntiPoint system is a strange and magical thing. Don't ask why or how it works, just accept that fact that it does.


    thread closed.

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