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Thread: Tera Term - terminal emulator

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    Thumbs up Tera Term - terminal emulator

    Tera Term

    Hey there everyone, I just wanted to quickly tell you about this terminal emulator. Don't worry, I don't work for this company or know anyone who does, so I ain't trying to sell you this product, just wanting to tell you about it, as I find it quite handy.

    It's just under 1MB and it's FREE. It's a simple, but very effective terminal emulator. At work we use it to connect to all our UNIX boxes, so I thought I'd try it at home. I tried it out with http://www.hackerslab.org/ and was better then just using the WinXP telnet service. It gives you a fair bit of control and many options for something so small.

    If your looking for a good terminal emulator, give Tera Term a go, it does the job for me.

    You can get it at:
    (they have user reviews there as well)

    If the link fails, just do a search on http://download.com/

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    Thanks hotice. Getting sick of using the telnet client in windows, and most of the free terminal emulators I have used really suck.
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    Im happy to have the opurtunity to use ReflectionX, but I will give Tera Term a tryout since I love everything which is small and free and probably can find some good use for it .

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    The nicest thing is the SSH extension. So, it will do telnet, SSH, and direct to COM ports.


    Very nice program for Free!

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    Tera Term reminds me of a program i seem to remember called "VersaTerm"

    What is VersaTerm, and what exactly does it do?
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    I use PuttyTel instead of Telnet which is quite cool. However, this is better. Thanks.

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    I used to use Tera Term. Since then, I've moved to Van Dyke Technology's SecureCRT. It has certain features that Tera Term didn't have at the time I was using it, and it has options which I need to be able to configure to connect to certain servers.


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    yeah another really good one is Putty, i used tera term pro to connect to a Hp-Ux server in college.


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    Mrlin, to answer your question:

    "For a Macintosh on a serial connection, we recommend the commercial product Versa Term Pro by Synergy. It is also excellent for a TCP/IP connection, although in the latter case you can use the free NCSA telnet. You can use Versa Term Pro for text and color graphics by emulating DEC and Tektronix terminals, with automatic switching between them. In fact, we find that a good combination to use is Versaterm Pro on your Mac and Gnuplot on your workstation; since Versaterm automatically emulates a Tektronix display, you can do your plotting over the network without the need to run X Windows on your PC."

    taken from :</a>

    also see http://www.versaterm.com/public/about_vtm/aboutus.htm
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    I really liked tera term for a while, too. I never telnet anymore and tera term was the best ssh client I could find. However, I recently switched to PuTTY with SSH support because of the large footprint that tera term leaves on your system resources! I usually run 4 or 5 shells at the same time, and tera term can really eat up that memory after a while! Here's a quick comparison image. Check out the first and last entry in this task manager screen:
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