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    Nevermindless my friend ......dont come on a security site and ask such questions go to hack sites and security sites and read read read learn a language understand a bit about protocols and ports and hiding your id use hushmail and go with the encrypted flow.

    try free library for books old but still essential
    and the many links on these sites
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    For the people who told him to stop wasting bandwidth, what are you doing by posting to the thread?
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    I knew I should have gone to take a look at the new toys JP put up, but I thought they were just games. Here I went to the trouble of writing a little program that would decrypt all the hex and binary you guys were writing and then I read a little farther down in the thread and I find out that I could have just cut and pasted. Oh well.. I guess I'll pay more attention next time.

    STREAMER - LOL - at least you r not the only i did one that convert ascii to hex to help REGISTER
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