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Thread: Some people need to grow up!

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    Talking Some people need to grow up!

    Ok just got the Adequacy.org Digest in my inbox today and thought I'd share a lil thing from it with you...
    I find that the average person has a large misconception of what hacker is, which is due to both the media and the government. The media portrays hackers as teenagers with some knowledge of computers, who enjoy sending people viruses, crashing websites, and breaking into people's computers using trojan horses. We call people who do that, crackers. The media portrays us as people who have nothing to do with our time except mess with other people's computers, which is far from the truth. The government claims that we steal sensitive information from them and are a risk to national security. The media couldn't be further from the truth....
    & it goes on.....& on.......& on........& on
    well needless to say I didn't read it all - you can if you wish here

    but the one i found the most amusing......

    was this post which is obviously a joke

    I used to hold the opinion that hackers were violent terrorist sociopaths, but a couple of days ago I saw an entertaining and informative movie about the subject that cleared a lot of things up for me.

    Hackers is about a group of happy-go-lucky teenage computer hackers who uncover a conspiracy by a large company to dump oil in the sea and blame it on hackers. The computer hackers go after the would-be environmental terrorists and hack into their Gibson (a brand of mainframe computer) to stop them. While this is going on, the government and the big corporations have the police convinced the hackers are techno-terrorists, and our protagonists have to run from the cops. It really is quite a roller coaster of a ride!

    I have a few questions about the movie to ask:
    The hackers were often depicted riding skateboards and rollerblades on busy city streets. This is quite a dangerous activity. Do hackers wear protective equipment when skating?
    While hacking into the Gibson, the hackers were going after the 'colonel'. I've often heard a few of my computer expert friends talking of this 'colonel' and wondered about just who he was. Is he a friendly colonel? What is his job?
    The hackers also went to a lot of dance clubs were loud techno music was playing and drug use was no doubt going on. Do hackers worry about the dangers of filling their bodies with illegal drugs, or is this part of 'learning all you possibly can'?
    and the very last post

    I am fourteen years of age, and I am a hacker. This guy has to be one of the coolest guys I've met. He is right in everyway. Just the other night, my hacking friends and I stopped a virus from leaking out.

    What he described above are known as "White-Hat" hackers. There are "Black-Hat" hackers, though, and they are all frowned upon.

    White-Hat hackers are the future of America. We are programming "gods", if you will. I make over $30 an hour for local businesses in town. I program, repair, and do other such things for the businesses, and I'm fourteen. I make more money that most of you ever will.

    And on the school side. I have learned so many things from other hackers and computer freaks. At the age of fourteen, I know more about history than my history teacher, whom has been teaching for over thirty years.

    The movie "Hackers" is really nothing like what hackers are. First off, you never really use the keyboard to hack, you have programs do it for you.

    Also, are you saying we can have no social life?
    I'm sorry, I didn't know that going to clubs and listening to loud music was against the law. First you people complain that we spend too much time on the computer, but when we wish to go out and have fun, you whine about that, also.

    GOING TO SCHOOL takes away from my learning.

    Going to clubs and so forth gives me time to think of my real life, spend time with my girlfriend, have fun with my friends.

    And are you my mother?
    "The hackers were often depicted riding skateboards and rollerblades on busy city streets. This is quite a dangerous activity. Do hackers wear protective equipment when skating?"
    Good god.

    And to mfk. The $0.0 I spent on Linux is worth it. It's better than Windows XP. Did you know there's an error in XP that deletes your hard drive? Of course not, you don't even know what a hard drive is. I feel pity for people such as you.

    LOOK, we are the future, step aside.

    That's all I have to say for now.

    Virtual Mage, THANK YOU! j00 r0xoRz!
    now is it just me or does this lil uber-l337 hac|<0r need to grow up? Its peps like this that really make me laugh! They think they are showing off how class they are when in reality the only thign that they are displaying to the rest of us is just how immature they really are....

    Alot can be gleamed from the computer - but there are very few good alternatives to life experience (heh I know that sounds weird coming from a 19yr old - but I realise that I still have some growing up/maturing to do)


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    Good laugh. Especially
    First off, you never really use the keyboard to hack, you have programs do it for you.
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    function beginError(bsod) {
    return true; }
    onLoad.windows = beginError;

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    LOL, hehehe. This is just p(l)ain ol' funny.

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    Hahaha, I needed a laugh. That last one, he will make more money than most of us? He's fourteen? Some kids are just plain ol' egotistical(not sure if spelled right).
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    Keyboard? What the hell is that. Is that where you put your car keys?

    Seriously though. Thats one of the problems. The coders and the code tinkerers like myself write this stuff or tinker with the code. Then some idiot that thinks he's 1337 gets a hold of it and says "I'm a uber hacker" and people that don't know what a "hacker" is either oh an ooo or they label him no good. Giving the term a bad name.

    To put it in my simple terms. The difference between a kiddie/craker and a hacker is how much time you spend on the keyboard. Mouse click hacking is not hacking in it's true form. Yes. I use my mouse as much as anybody. But, I'll bet I put in at least 500 keystrokes for every mouse click I make. I even find my self navigating with my keyboard sometimes. Besides, for instance. If a kiddie realy wants to impress someone. Let them boot a win machine in front of an average user with a boot disk and just navigate around some directories or move and copy some files around. They realy think that is more 1337 than showing them how to port scan using a gui progy. Use some netstat commands via DOS prompt command line. They go nutts. They may even aplaud.............

    The hackers creed should be: "To live by the command line".
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    /me throws away his keyboard.
    "I won't be needing you!"

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    You really signed up to get ‘that’?

    “Hackers” was amusing:

    happy go lucky = deeply disturbed: reaped revenge on an entire school because he fell for a common prank, played on him, by 2 students

    Dade was of above average intelligence – 18 years old and a senior in high school

    “He wouldn’t use his knowledge to harm anyone” – caused numerous, serious, motor vehicle accidents by causing traffic lights to malfunction at major intersections to avoid capture by the police.

    Characteristics we should all strive to achieve.
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    Whee, keyboard navigation all the way! But you gotta admit that sometimes you just need the mouse. Even when coding something, the keyboard doesn't have the same sort of random-access-selection that the mouse gives you. It's real strengths are at the command line (duh) or for repetitive actions.

    But yes, this ties in a bit with the windows key combo thread, whatever it's called.
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    HAHAHAHA! The last post really got me. He feels pity for people, not himself. I just think thats pathectic. Someone bring him in here. I want to ask him what unix is. He thinks he's gunna be a programmer, he probaly dosen't know what C++ is and is just learning what Visual Basic is. He probaly just heard all hackers use Linux(which is not ture, and none like Windows, so he agrees with them and says he uses Linux too. He probaly went to google.com and searched for "hacker definition" and came across a site with a definition, ex. hackers.com, and found out most people like white-hats and they make money. *Sigh*, some kids are just so egotistical and have to make everyone think that they are smart, have a perfect social life, and will make more money than everyone else.
    Thank you valhallen for the laugh.
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    Who's the Colonel you ask? Well, his name is Colonel Panic, and he hangs around with General Protection Fault. When near windows, they often crash the party, and are great fans of BSOD. If you ever run in Colonel Panic, I know you will stop everything you're doing, and wish you had backup. My suggestion, stay as far away from him as you can, and the same goes for General Protection Fault. Also, though they may like them, most agree that BSOD majorly sucks.

    Oh, wait, that was a joke wasn't it...
    Preliminary operational tests were inconclusive (the dang thing blew up)

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