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    Computing Degree

    Hi, I'm interested in computing and have more recently become more interested in networks and security.
    I'm looking to take a degree in computing but I'm not sure whether to go for a more general Degree or one that focuses on networks and security.

    I'm just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on which they think I should choose.

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    im going back to sit my HND computing :technical support at fife college, but it depends on what u want to do
    u can get Bsc in Computing, and Bsc Computing and Technological studies


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    Cool Info

    In September I'm following a course thatís called Computer Systems and Networks(CSN). The best thing about this course in my opinion is that it is very flexible. In that there are only a few set modals that you have to compete, the rest are form options within the school of computer (within the first 2 years of the course) meaning that you can tailor you degree to what you wish. In the third year you do a work placement, now the university has many links to the industry, this allows you to almost go into area that you wish. In the fourth and final year you take less modules but compete a dissertation, this can be on any subject of your choosing and fill half of your time table slots, the other half of the time table slots can be used to cover any area that you wish, for example if you decide that you wished to pursue a career bringing IT to new and small business then you could take a modal from the business school for example, this allows you to tailor you degree towards the field(s) that you want to go into. However I will also tell you that it has a sister degree, called Computer System engineering and development (CSED) though we cover some of the same modals within our core modals there are differences. CSN is designed for going into the application side of computers, fulfilling IT needs to a company. CSED is designed for going into the developmental side of, i.e. programming and such. Though neither limit you in that if you do CSN or can do into development and vice versa they do limit what work areas you cover in the third year meaning the references and experience you have gained form that year are not as valid.

    Personally I intend to do my Bsc(hons)CSN as well at the same time work on GIAC certificates offered by SANS. Iím also currently looking into a conference that on august 5-10 2002 at London that is also offered though the Sans and is part of a GIAC track (more info).

    Anyway hope this helps and one thing I would have to say is that donít restrict yourself to just university, perhaps looking to do a degree and pick up a few certificates though online training or other means to bolster your CV and show your interest in more specific areas might be and idea.

    If you want to know more specifics then PM me.

    Good luck


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    Make sure you try and avoid courses were all they teach you to do is write certification exams.
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    I'm currently going for my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. My theory is that you can learn all of the systems and network stuff on your own, via hands on work, or with certifications and such, but it is much harder to properly learn and hone your programming skills. I can safely say that I'm very happy with my choice because knowing the low level programming stuff brings systems and network stuff to a whole new level, because you can know exactly what is going on.
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    If you plan to go for your master's. I know a few people that received thier's online real quick through the University of Phoenix.

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