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Thread: Windows-XP alternate drivers

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    Question Windows-XP alternate drivers

    neighbor has a couple of in-house 'puters linked and shares a couple of printers in his little system. Since he upgraded to XP he can't get his dotmatrix printer to work and he needs it for some multiple-copy forms he fills out which needs the dotmatrix. He says the printer mfg does have updated drivers but they also told him to use the alternate drivers in XP for that particular printer. He can't find any OS references on how to find/install alternate drivers for that one printer, even though MS and the printer mfg says they are "in there".
    i told neighbor to come to AO and ask, but cannot find where he has done it, ...no surprise he's kind of bashfull and perhaps even a tad reluctant to visit open forums. Ain't his fault, he doesn't understand how AO works.
    Anyone got any good ideas for him.... besides reloading W98 or Linux?

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    They are under the shares section in the properties dialog in XP. Look at the capture:

    PS: You got lucky and caught me at the XP workstation today...
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    Windows is EVIL...
    *Supports Linux*


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    lol dont we all?
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    **** no Linux Sucks!!

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