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Thread: Doom3 screenshots

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    Doom3 screenshots

    ok ive been searching about, i dont know when ID are gonna realese doom3 but the later teh better ive got some upgrading to do :P

    (Ansehen is to view, its a german site)

    hope this exites the hardcore gamers out there.

    http://doom3.gamesweb.com/screenshots/ 3x gallerys of doom3 pics

    http://www.doomcenter.com/media/d3screenshots.phtml (could be errors) 5 gallerys all i could get were thumbnail images.


    sorry for 2 of my 3 links being in german, if u need an online translator goto www.lnkworld.com

    have fun ppl<>

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    I can't wait. First game I was ever addicted to was Doom. Then Doom II; and when the map building tools came out, I became a mapper. But never got caught up with Quake. It just wasn't as good, I thought. Now with Doom III on the horizon, I think I might break out my 'WSAD' killer skills.

    Here's another link for more info on Doom III.
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    I'm so addicted to the Doom Saga that I just had a Lan Party kickin' here.....

    3 Towers, 2 Laptops and a Mac (?) all connected through a Linux box for serving...
    (don't ask me which flavour, friend's tower and friend playing monitor...)

    On top of that, we all have the screenshot "Doom III - The Legacy" as our wallpapers....


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    loved doom 1&2 for the PS cant wait to play it on PC
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    looks very nice indeed! not to mention that the sound track is by trent reznor. should add a nice touch the game. also, for those who are ut fans such as myself, unreal tournament 2k3 is due to be released by the end of this month. can not wait to get my hands on the new shock rifle.


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    What the Crap!?

    I remember being addicted to Wolfenstein 3D.
    The original 1st person shooter.
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    First game I was ever addicted to was Doom.
    true that! I loved Doom! I can't wait either, graphics look amazing! Gameplay will be good, you can count on that!
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