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Thread: Question of the Week

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    Question of the Week

    Ok, it's exam week for me. Please cheer me up.

    What is the one thing you miss most about being in school?
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    Nothing. Nothing at all. High School was scary, although I spent half my H.S. life in a school with gangs, guns, and drugs. And being a skinny white kid, who luckily didn't show up on anybodies radar, I was scared shitless.

    College was frustrating. The classes were off kilter (at least where I went -- I have been told this isn't typical :-) ) and the social life was nothing great.

    I got everything I needed the first time around. I don't miss pep rallies, marching competitions, getting bullied around, cramming for exams, fearing for my life, rejection, lack of sleep, rejection.... you get the point.

    The only thing I really miss are the people that I don't get to see anymore -- the product of moving 1500 miles after H.S.

    That and desecrating various literary works by placing strange voice-overs, working in movie quotes (Monty Python and Shakespeare work well together), and translating them into ebonics.
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    Im still in school.... but i graduate this year and i will have to say ill miss everything

    ill miss the feeling before a test
    ill miss the feeling of seeing my friends after a long vacation
    ill miss the time with my friends in lunch
    ill miss the girls throwing us looks
    ill miss the freebies that cost 1.50
    ill miss the stinky kid everyone makes fun of
    ill miss the teachers we threw paper balls at and the subs that threw them back
    ill miss saying im doing classwork when really i was chatting online
    ill miss checking out the teachers that every boy wanted
    ill most of all miss my friends who shared all these feelings with me

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    Well, I'm still in school, but I graduated from Middle School and I'll miss the laid-back punishments You don't get expelled for doing bad things *sighs as he thinks about the silly admin* ... But I cause mischief, nothing real bad, but enough to make ignorant adults worry.
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    Heh I think I miss sitting around with my pals dreamming up new fresh ideas, learning faster than I am now, having time to do what I want!
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    11001001> Lets see. Do I have to say 1 thing?

    lack of responsability
    breaks between classes
    getting drunk in class
    drinking on the weekends
    having a social life
    the classrooms full of good looking females
    DJ'ing the best parties on campus
    the recognition I got
    the lack of things to worry about

    I could go on for a loooonnnng time.
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    souleman i think u left out getting drunk before class : P

    u seem to have the social drinking, the partie drinking, the getting drunk in class and weekends though lol

    they got a name and place for people like you... its friend and the place is in a park with a keg!! lets go!
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    Worth should be judged on quality... Not apperance... Anyone can sell you **** inside a pretty box.. The only real gift then is the box..

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    2.Bugging the hell out of teachers
    3.Bugging the hell out of people I hate
    4.all of the hot girls that i will probably never see again.
    (That's okay though, I still see hot girls...)
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    I am still in college, what I will miss though is the girls, its all about the girlies damn it!
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    Okay - I'm ready for the comments about how sick I am, but I miss math classes...

    Mebbe not for long - thinking about going back for my MS in CIS... Don't know that I want to do it yet or not...

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