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    Macro Viruses

    Could someone tell me how macro viruses turn off the macro protection, on Word for example?

    Also, is there any way to view the macro code before opening a file to look for the 'turn protection off' code, otherwise wouldn't you just have to chance it, even if it scanned OK with a virus checker?

    Thanks in advance.

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    if it scanned ok it should be fine. also, the only time it can turn off the protection is after you have already given it permision to run the macro.

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    bleh, keep updates of your vx scanner

    And in Ms Word (the new one)
    #Goto Tools and security, make sure its on high!, norton comes wiht a feature, that when u open a document u see "Requesting virus Scan", this will remove any vicious macro`s, also if a document has macro`s (this comes from older versions) it asks u if u want to turn it on or leave it off. and im sure theirs an option in Word to do this.


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