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Thread: HTTP based Programming

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    HTTP based Programming

    I had an epiphany reciently, my epiphany was, http based programming. A java based compiler is pared up with a chat program. The compiler can be accessed by members of the site and they are given a task and they have to write a program mutually. Each person gets 10 minutes a peice to add on to the program and if some makes a mistake they are notified in the chat program and if some idiot writes in a backdoor or a virus a moderator can go in and edit it. I know this is a radical vision that wont work because ppl's programming style is all different. But i thought it was a good idea.

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    sounds interesting. Why don't you try and get something like this started in the AO community, and we'll all try to add to it.
    script language=\"M$cript\";
    function beginError(bsod) {
    return true; }
    onLoad.windows = beginError;

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    Well, perhaps try this in a community with people who have more experience in java programming. It might not work so well in antionline.
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