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    Question Urgent

    I just checked the IP lookup tool, and there seems to be something funny with this picture...

    Please lookup these IPs and tell me what do you guys think

    First one

    Second one is

    The significance is that the first is supposed to resolve to Minnesota and not Virginia.
    Earlier today my firewall detected an attempt by Backdoor/Subseven and, yes the second IP is what came up. Can someone help me out here?

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    Well, using this service

    The first one resolves to Chelmsford, MA

    The second one resolves to Reston, VA

    Does that help?


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    Hey DjM...

    Ok call me a newbie but isnt your IP supposed to resolve to the general proximity of one's location?
    I just want to make sure nobody is using my IP to hack someone else.....

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    kiddies scan all ip's for that port, don't take it personally. But if you want to report it, here's their acct numbers. the first is a cable acct so that shouldn't be a problem but the aol account you'll have to give an exact time. PTR (Pointer) c-24-245-0-205.mn.client2.attbi.com
    to report: abuse@attbi.com PTR (Pointer) AC8CA9D6.ipt.aol.com
    to report/: abuse@aol.com
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