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Thread: Forum Post thread stats bug =\

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    Forum Post thread stats bug =\

    Hmmm.. I noticed that the post and thread stats on the main forum page doesn't work. I think it may have even started to crash the site while it tried to sort through the general chit chat forum. I clicked on it, it kept loading and loading...

    So I started to write a bug up on it, hit submit thread, and then the site went down for me..

    When I got it back up on my machine both the original suggestion post and the bug post I worte were gone. And now when you click on it you get that were moving stuff around page.

    Just thought I would point it out.

    OH, also just a reminder that your stats aren't keeping the records strait. They reset everyday.


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    Greetings All:

    Ok, problem solved. Doing post counts was just WAY too server intensive, so we'll just stick with thread counts for now.


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