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    Windows XP and toshiba laptops bug

    Yet another lovely bug from your friends at Microsoft.

    Taken directly from MSNBC

    May 30 — Toshiba says their Satellite 1905-S277 laptops running Windows XP may have problems with two particular CD-ROM drives, the Toshiba DVD/CD-RW SD-R2102 and Toshiba CD-RW SR-C8002 , failing to auto-run. Toshiba says that as a workaround, eject the CD, wait about ten seconds and then try again. In their words “The autorun feature will start 4 out of 5 times.” Also, if Norton Auto Protect is enabled, it will prevent the autostarts. Clicking on the Norton icon in the Systray will bring up the settings where this can be configured off.
    Hey, Four out of Five aint that bad...

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    hey, thanks.
    it just so happens that a friend of mine has this laptop and this problem.
    i'll be sure to pass it along to her.
    heh.. 4 out of 5.. no fix..
    i told her xp would give her headaches but she bought it new and won't let
    me reformat it until the warranty expires..

    by the way, buddy.. sarcasm doesn't have any eyes.. lol

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    poor M$.............so shitty.............so expensive...............so doomed..........

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