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Thread: The Control Panel

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    The Control Panel

    Possibly a "bug," but I think more of a caveat...

    It appears things like the "Edit Buddy List" and "Edit Ignore List" and similiar take you to a page that, when you are done, take back to the user control panel. On that page, there should probably be links back to the things that can take you there... probably everything in the Member Function area of the main page. particularly those pertaining directly to your login, perhaps should be included (*shrug*) - or at least a good number of them.

    Here's the list for reference:

    • Private Messages
    • Site Subscriptions
    • AntiPoint Center
    • Your Note Pad
    • Update Your Mood
    • Invite A Friend!
    • Launch Buddy List
    • Edit Buddy List
    • Edit Ignore List
    • Who's Buddy Am I?
    • Who Ignores Me?
    • View Your Profile
    • Edit Your Profile
    • Add/Edit Profile Intro.
    • Add/Edit Signature
    • Add/Edit Your Picture
    • Edit Site Options
    • Change Password
    • Log out

    Currently the only thing there seems to be the Subscribed Threads and Subscribed Forums links.
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    Greetings All:

    Redirects have been updated to point to the main site page, instead of the thread subscription page.

    Thanks. thread closed.

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