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    guess what? nmap is basically as good as it gets! however, your in luck! there is a really good port of nmap to windows and it has a stupid gui which i find stupid as the command promt one is alot better.. *sigh*

    google search nmapwin 1.2.3 i think.. whatever..

    -peace out!

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    Originally posted here by Snake_Byte
    thats a good idea but wouldnt it have cross language problems because nmap was written in c and what your talking about is a gui for a c program written in vb and correct me if im wrong but shouldnt that cause problems?
    Not really. You're not integrating the two, just creating a GUI frontend for nmap. In other words, you create a program where you click lots of ugly buttons, and then based on what selections were made, you open a command line and send all the arguments to nmap, in the correct format. nmap then does its job as normal, and you simply collect all the output from it and redirect it back into your GUI.

    Thus, although VB is not exactly the best language out there, it would perform the required function... although the same could be done in C++ fairly easily, resulting in a faster GUI (But, think about it, nmap is in c... thats pretty fast, thats the important bit, your GUI is only letting a user see things in a nice "windows friendly" way, speed is irrelevent.
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    w00t finally nmap for windows! ...cool /me goes off to d/l nmap for win
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    Have you searched for one?

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    Man what did this Snake_Byte do to get his post replaced with that?

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