Hello i am Ex Eleven or X11 on some forums...

Linux, Mozilla, Anything Open Source, any alternative to Microsoft.

Microsoft, There sh&tty excuses for software and Winders. I dont hate all there software
but mainly Win9x as it is just a shell for a extended version of dos with 32 bit extentions.
Globalizeation. Capitalism (Yes laugh at the hippy) i am a mod at www.windows-sucks.com
which is an non-profainity alais of the real name, whic you can learn yourself. I hope to help
more nubie's to learn Linux and i count those i have turned. I am no guru but i know what thy End users want out of an OS. Hope you all are blissfully happy to have me here.

My website is http://exeleven.cjb.net my other site is http://msproblem.cjb.net

I named myself after the most versatile Graphical User Interface that i've seen due to the lack of creativity. I also am a gamer and play most games NOW on Linux.

Anyways this forum has a mighty arsonal of members and we at F###microsoft celebrated 2000 of them!