Sysadmin's toughest job...
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Thread: Sysadmin's toughest job...

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    Sysadmin's toughest job...

    Naming servers..!

    I need good hostnames for a firewall, a web server (besides www!) and a proxy!


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    I once layed out a namming scheme for a small network that ressembled a chess board all the desktops were my pawns. Im sure if on a larger network you could use different "table" names for workgroups and possibly mix some popular chess game names and sites. I like to be creative. You might think that finding your way around a network like that would be to easy or not so secure but obscurity is only microsofts philosiphy.
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    Fish names, fruit names, charaters from a book, mythological creatures/beings, etc etc. Those have all been used on different networks I have worked on. Pick your favorite thing, then start naming.
    If basketball is your thing, start giving them team names or player names. If you like star wars, name them after the different Jedi. If you like cooking, name them after recipies. If you like quiltings, name them after....well, never mind.
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    I've always like the use of types of sharks. Use the names according to their role on the network.

    App server = nurse, firewall=hammerhead, IDS=GreatWhite, etc...

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    I sometimes use Sumerian god's, or character's in sitcoms. Not really inventive, but they work
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    our main servers name is numan from seinfeld

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    Star Wars names!!!!!!!!!!!!! you could have your servers the names of systems or charters and your desktops the names of spices or the children of those charters if there are any..

    or you could go with the more organized look..... server1's name is alpha and the desktops connected to it are a1 a2 a3 etc..... server2's name is get the pictrue

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    My clients prefer locations of said servers and systems (read: boring) but I like to get creative with my own and it varies depending on my mood. My favorite was when I hosted my website with Mindspring and the domain servers were called itchy and scratchy.

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    Sif don't name them after famous porn stars

    I prefer naming stuff after constellations and planets. Lots up there to use as names.

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    firewall=Gandalf (servant of the secret fire also carries the ring of fire)
    web server=Shelob (a gigantic spider)
    proxy=Samwise (was the proxy ring bearer for a short while)
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