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Thread: Windows 2000 Server AntiVirus Software

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    Windows 2000 Server AntiVirus Software

    Hi everyone... Yesterday I got infected with the plan.vbs worm. That's what I get for showing a friend how to download mp3s and then leaving him unsupervised for a few hours.

    Anyways, I got myself Norton AntiVirus 2002 and installed it on my XP work station, and it works like a charm. When I tried to install it onto my Windows 2000 Server, I got the message telling me that it will not work on that operating system.

    I search AO, and found another thread on this topic, but there weren't any suggestions about antivirus software to use on Windows 2000 Server.

    So, any suggestions on what AV software I should use with Windows 2000 Server? Any experiences with AV software on Win2000 Server to share? Thanks!
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    Etrust EZantivirus
    works on 98, ME. 2000 pro,server, advserver, NT$ work and server and XP
    Viruses updated almost daily.
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    antivirus software

    I kind of like these guys.....pandasoftware
    you get fast action on new signatures too 24 hrs
    it works with outlook and exchange
    ive compared it to norton and mcafee aganst a bit over 400 viruses I have coloected and it holds its own and is a little faster in some cases then mcafee.
    Ive had no problems so far
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    I believe Norton Corporate Edition is supported on Win 2000 server.


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    If you want to run macafee on a server you need the special sever edition. Apparently it cost a bundle to. A few months ago the e-mail system at the collage Iím attending went down. When I asked why it was down they said it got a virus. Turns out the didnít put any antivirus software on the mail server because it cost too much.

    I think this is what they want you to buy.
    Of course if youíre running 2000 server as a desktop computer you might want to see if you can find a free virus scanner that doesnít have a server edition.

    Here is a page with some info on free virus scanners.
    Also says something about pandasoft being linked to Scientology
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    Yeah Norton CE will work on Windows 2000 server i also belive that Mircosoft antivirus will work too.

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    probably not a lot of help but Norton AV 2001 does work on win2k server....
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    I've had a bit of experience with Norton and McAfee software. I'd recommend getting Norton Corporate Edition. It is cheap, and has some excellent management functions when you install CE on the workstations ( I believe it comes with 5 client licenses ). McAfee is indeed expensive.

    And one word of warning, NEVER put non-server edition antivirus onto a sever. There was one time back in the day when I put McAfee, I think it was, onto a server and pow, no more booting.

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    bah i dont use antivirus for some reason....i jsut have this wierd little thing that emails me telling my i have been infecteed and it was corrected notron is like big brother for me cuz that have emailed me 2 times telling me they removed the worm or virus
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    Get Norton Corporate Edition, It works in all server environments

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