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Thread: what is the problem ?

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    Unhappy what is the problem ?

    I got a server machine called compaq proliant and I have 0 knowledge about serves , the OS was windows NT, now I want to install the linux red hat 7.2, but everytime I start the installation, comes the message " You don't have enough memory to install red hat" or something like this... but the machine has about 162380 k ram... I tried others linuxes and by each one was a diferent problem... debian and open linux says I don't have a hard disk...

    what is this ???

    any help will be welcome thanks...
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    As far as the missing hdds go, my guess would be there's no support for the RAID controller that's probably built into your box. And that's probably not a 'memory' issue, it's probably saying you don't have enough HDD. Same problem different error message. You'll first need to figure out what type of controller it is and find Linux drivers for it. Good luck.

    It figures, the Compaq boxes were not made to run anything but Novell and NT.
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    Compaq Proliant. Is that one of the compaq's in the alpha series or is it an x86 chip? Because if it's alpha based, they have a different set of install CD's and redhat only supported it up to 7.1. I'll see if I can do some more research. If I find anything, I'll be sure to let you know.

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    Linux & Proliant

    A quick google search reveals this:

    Compaq Proliant and Linux

    Hope that helps.

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