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Thread: ZoneAlarm - Free & Pro

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    ZoneAlarm - Free & Pro

    Does any use the pro version of ZoneAlarm and if so, what is like compared to the free/home version.

    Although the free version is still quite good, I was thinking about upgrading and was just wondering about what anyones opinion on it was.

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    LOL......KorpDeath is the man to ask about ZoneAlarm. He's very good at pointing out why ZA is a piece of crap.

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    Well, I had ZoneAlarm free for a long time, and then I upgraded to Pro 3. The main feature I really enjoyed was its incredible ad-blocking and cookie blocking capabilities.

    The GUI was an upgrade, but I enjoy the older look of the ZA free GUI. I had some stability issues on Win 98, and when i upgraded to windows 2000, I went back to ZA free. (I am just lazy, lol.)

    Hope this helps!

    - ura
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    emm..well a friend of mine got ZoneAlarm Pro, it isnt much of a difference at all, nah ! well that's his feedback ! stick to the free version , if you dont need chunks of security and also , if you have chunks of money :P

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    Used the Free version when it came out to the public.
    Moved onto PRO version about 6 months ago and the new version is Pretty
    good for the Home user and has done me O.K.
    It has Ad Blocking and Cookie blocking.
    Stops pop-ups on most sites.

    If anybody gets past my firewall...I just hope they like seeing pictures of my A$$?

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    i'd would definately recommend upgrading the free version ...to tiny personal firewall (which is also free)

    za is great for all the things it is designed to catch...tooo bad it's not designed to catch it all...check the archives for several long threads about why za is a pos...
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    went with the free version before but wanted more custumization so i went to pro. Am running the newest ZA pro and like it. Havent failed me yet. The first two versions of ZA Pro 3.0 always froze but the new 3.0.118 doesnt freeze anymore
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    Not this again!!!!!! Ugh! Please for God's sake go search the forums.

    Actually, keep using ZA it's the most wonderfulest proggy out there, no doubt. I even have loaded on FreeBSD box, it's the ****.
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    A hint of sarcasm Korp?

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    Well I have used Kerio on one of my XP Pro boxes. It works well enough for it. I mainly wanted it for the checksum features for programs accessing the net. The firewall does fine too.
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