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Thread: Hacker contest turns into free for all

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    Hacker contest turns into free for all

    I don't usually read ZDnet rags, cause they are just ****, IMHO. I'm probably just too lazy to go find the story elsewhere, so here it is. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.


    Now tell me if you were in the 'hackers' shoes, how would you approach this little dilemma?

    So you're out to screw hackers, and you just don't know how to secure yourself properly, so you cheat and run a system that has half an OS on it. The box you want them to hack is not runnning any real services, so it's not a 'real world' scenario. You end pissing eerybody involved off and so it becomes a free for all; hackers hacking the registration server and each other. Gotta laugh so hard at this one.

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    And I thought politicians were crooked. I don't agree with the guys breaking into servers they weren't supposed to compromise, but the company kinda asked for it. You ask people to hit your stuff to test it and offer $$$ in return for a successful attack, you'd better hold true to your word, or be prepared to pay the consequences.

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    They Deserved what they got all the way if you offer money for an attack and you just endup pissing everyone off cause it was rigged. You diserve all the virii trojans and logic bombs you get.

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    VictorKaum got to it before me, this was posted already.

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