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Thread: How to stop s'kiddies(Article)

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    How to stop s'kiddies(Article)


    "Young virus writers and script kiddies troll the Internet every day. Most are not malicious, just bored. Like street gangs, they have created a way to tag the Internet (viral code), have invented their own form of graffiti (Web site defacements), and have even fought gang wars online (using thousands of remote PCs controlled by IRC bots). "

    Kinda interesting. Not entirely sure what VX is, but oh well, guess I'm just not up on the latest slang. Didn't see this posted anywhere, but I didn't look very well, sorry if it was.


    Read them.

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    Interesting little article....
    Remember -
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    I say prosecute those who cross the line, but don't marginalize the young online gangs; instead build bridges. There will always be teenage angst, gangs, and computer viruses. What we need to do is give these whiz kids something to do with all their energy and talent, besides cause trouble online
    I agree with what this dude said. Dont go after every person how knows how to break into computers, only ones that use it for the wrong purposes.
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    what a little article

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    VX stands for Virus eXchange. It is a group of virus writers.

    Keisha> Umm, if you want more info, you can pm me....
    I decided the link I posted wasn't a really good idea....
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