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Thread: To All Webdesigners

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    Exclamation To All Webdesigners

    Hiya, just a few messages.

    I posted a poll in the Site Suggestions forum about the appearing of posts of the Web Design forum on the main page. JP agreed. So I hope that this forum is getting a little popular again. Webdesigners! COME BACK TO US!!!

    And secondly, VALHALLEN!!!!! What about the Famous Portal Project??? After the creation of this thread I will have reserved the channel #Portal for this purpose. Any (ex?)members and aprticipants of the portal project can come here to at least give each other a little info about what the hell is going on and why is there nothing happening? As far as I know, the second meeting never took place. So pplz, #Portal Channel on the AO IRC Server.

    That's all. Greetz.

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    By the Way, This is the Trillian Log if the 1st meeting.

    Session Start (services.antionline.com:#portal): Wed May 22 02:56:28 2002
    *** Now talking in #portal.
    *** Topic of #portal: welcome to our first AO portal chat
    *** Set by v_Ln -1423 minutes ago
    *** Users on #portal: Sick_Dwarf str34m3r xmaddness @v_Ln @v_Ln-log
    *** End of /NAMES list.
    *** Mode for channel #portal is "+"
    *** Channel #portal was created at Thu May 23 02:38:24 2002
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    <xmaddness> but i think they should have a similar look, or "feel" to em
    <xmaddness> welcome Sick_Dwarf
    <v_Ln> yeah streamer is very red : )
    <Sick_Dwarf> mmmm, nice
    <v_Ln> hey SD
    <v_Ln> slow start as u can see ; )
    <xmaddness> brb
    <v_Ln> were just discussing layout ideas - got any?
    <Sick_Dwarf> this where all the good people be at?
    <str34m3r> there needs to be some room for variation though
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah
    <Sick_Dwarf> sure
    <v_Ln> well lets hear them : )
    <Sick_Dwarf> what kinda site is it, i'll need some more details you know
    <v_Ln> heh did u not read the post?
    <v_Ln> lol
    <xmaddness> check out box.sk
    <xmaddness> see how they have it..
    <xmaddness> thats what we want to try and do here
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah, yeah, but shouldn't we be more specific then Let's here It: )
    <Sick_Dwarf> ok box.sk
    <Sick_Dwarf> brb
    <v_Ln> (Link: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=228303)http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=228303
    <v_Ln> right so what about the whole layout
    <v_Ln> do you want each person to be able to make their own profile page completely dif
    <v_Ln> or
    <v_Ln> do we keep the same look through out?
    <str34m3r> it always looks better if it has the same look throughout, but it may be harder to come up with one look that everyone is happy with
    <v_Ln> yeah i know thats why i want peps to take a look at exsisting sites and find a layout they like
    <xmaddness> well lets start by submitting some layouts
    <v_Ln> that we can look at them and decide what needs changed and come to an agreement on what it should be like
    <Sick_Dwarf> tables, maybe we should use tables just to begin with, see how a layout looks. ya know what i mean
    <Sick_Dwarf> and uplaod it
    <Sick_Dwarf> and watch it
    <Sick_Dwarf> and improve it
    <v_Ln> u don't even have to code it
    <v_Ln> do your layout as a drawing first
    <v_Ln> u know what i mean?
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah, but that's hard to up
    <Sick_Dwarf> load
    <str34m3r> and then just post a graphic somehow?
    <Sick_Dwarf> and watch
    <v_Ln> yeah then we could upload the dif graphics
    <Sick_Dwarf> like a new thread
    <v_Ln> and peps could look at them and decide which bits they like
    *** Debwalin (Debwalin@35F4022D.16C4865C.276125B5.IP) has joined channel #portal
    <v_Ln> we could take the best bits from all outr ideas
    <v_Ln> like xmad might like streamers color scheme & S_D's layout so we combine them
    <str34m3r> does this thing even have a name yet? did I miss that part?
    <v_Ln> you know stuff like that
    <v_Ln> Hey Debs : )
    <Debwalin> Hey v_Ln
    <Debwalin> =)
    <xmaddness> lol no name yet
    <v_Ln> streamer > not yet - i didn't think it would catch on so quick
    <v_Ln> lol
    <Sick_Dwarf> ya know, i'm not that super familiar with html, javascript etc. I am good at PS7 Flash MX etc. just pass me the graphx
    <v_Ln> see thats where doing the layout as a 'jpg or wjhatever suits u
    <xmaddness> so i propose that we all go use photoshop or whatever your flavor is and begin to draw up some ideas
    <v_Ln> : )
    <str34m3r> well, I don't know about you, but I would think it would be fairly hard to come up with a good layout without at least some idea of what we're shooting for
    <xmaddness> right
    <v_Ln> u can show us your design idea and someone who is good at html can build it
    <v_Ln> ok we gotta decide exactly what we want on the site then
    <v_Ln> is going to act as a portal to all the other AO members homepages
    <v_Ln> so what do we need?
    <str34m3r> I think the site's name could play a part in how it should look
    <xmaddness> so lets decide oin the portal name
    <v_Ln> ok
    <v_Ln> heh debs> any ideas?
    <xmaddness> Xchange
    <Sick_Dwarf> Qbase
    * v_Ln is drawing a blank
    <v_Ln> >_<
    <Debwalin> um, no, I'm just listening.
    <Debwalin> lol
    <xmaddness> BASEport
    <v_Ln> heh
    <xmaddness> Central command
    <v_Ln> what about AOP
    <str34m3r> what's the P for?
    <Debwalin> portal
    <Debwalin> ?
    <str34m3r> not bad
    <xmaddness> ao portal
    <v_Ln> yup
    <xmaddness> heh
    <str34m3r> would have to have Jp's aproval though
    <Sick_Dwarf> why does it have to do something with AO? we could create our own community?
    <v_Ln> yeah
    <v_Ln> true
    <v_Ln> but it does have big ties back to AO
    <xmaddness> hmm.. i think it should have a name though
    <v_Ln> it started on its msg boards and is now in AO's chat
    <v_Ln> lol
    <xmaddness> heh
    <Debwalin> I think creating our own community would be better...that way if down the line you disagree, you wouldn't have copyright, etc problems
    <xmaddness> yeah i think it should definetly tie into ao
    <Debwalin> but you're right, it does all tie back into AO
    <xmaddness> well yeah thats tru
    <Sick_Dwarf> what about if we make a plan what we need. For each item on the plan we'll post a thread to discuss it
    <v_Ln> well we could cut AO out of the name etc
    <xmaddness> well we could just create the community and
    <xmaddness> then have it link to ao
    <v_Ln> but still retain the fact that in order to become a part of it u have to be an AO member
    <xmaddness> right
    <Sick_Dwarf> why?
    <v_Ln> that way we would still be justified in using AO's msg boards etc : )
    <Debwalin> right
    <Sick_Dwarf> true
    <v_Ln> hehe
    <xmaddness> plus we'll already have 80,000 + members.. heh
    <xmaddness> lol
    <xmaddness> jk
    <str34m3r> so no one has heard anything about how Jp feels about this?
    <v_Ln> lol
    <Debwalin> lol...but not all of us has a webpage
    <v_Ln> he ain't said anything
    <str34m3r> ok - just checking
    <v_Ln> i mentioned a similair idea to him a while ago
    <Debwalin> what did he say to that one?
    <xmaddness> we could construct the graphics in html and send the layout and you could just enter the info into it
    <v_Ln> but that was concerning being able to customise your profile pages on AO
    <Sick_Dwarf> we have a HUGE communication problem
    <v_Ln> and he said it was a good idea - just too many probs
    <Debwalin> oh, so pretty much a different idea
    <Debwalin> Sick_Dwarf: what?
    <Sick_Dwarf> common, this ain't working this chat thing
    <Sick_Dwarf> or posts
    <xmaddness> lol
    <Sick_Dwarf> it's frustrating
    * v_Ln ain't footing for a confrence call ; )
    <Sick_Dwarf> hehehe
    <Debwalin> lol
    <Debwalin> nope, me either
    <Sick_Dwarf> we should handle one thing at a time
    <Sick_Dwarf> relax
    <str34m3r> ok - v - you're the op, you've got to give this thing focus
    <v_Ln> arg!! the pressure >_< ;'
    <str34m3r> you can do it
    *** Mode change "-o v_Ln" for channel #portal by v_Ln-log
    <v_Ln> heh
    <v_Ln> :P
    <Sick_Dwarf> LOL
    <v_Ln> lol
    -v_Ln-log- You Have Initiated Caps Flood Control On #portal. Next Time, Suffer Punishment.
    <xmaddness> okay.. 1) we need to figure out whether or not its going to tie into ao.. 2) what are we gunna call this thing. 3) What its going to look like. 4) what code are we going to use
    -v_Ln-log- Sick_Dwarf Has Initiated Caps Flood Control On #portal.
    <Debwalin> So what exactly are we doing, just creating a webpage to link all AO members pages together?
    <v_Ln> right so first things first - a name?
    <str34m3r> )
    <v_Ln> debs> kinda but each webmaster will have own pofile page
    <Sick_Dwarf> name
    <Debwalin> okay
    <v_Ln> bit about the site etc
    <str34m3r> name
    <Sick_Dwarf> name
    <v_Ln> then as it grows wwe can add more to build it into abigger community
    <Debwalin> got it
    <v_Ln> cool
    <Sick_Dwarf> name name, one step at a time : )
    <Debwalin> So....
    <str34m3r> k : )
    <xmaddness> okay.. box
    <Debwalin> a name
    <xmaddness> doh thats taken
    <v_Ln> lol
    <xmaddness> circle
    <Sick_Dwarf> circle?
    * xmaddness shrugs
    <xmaddness> i dunno
    <v_Ln> sphere?
    <xmaddness> exchange
    <Sick_Dwarf> WebzWishes
    <xmaddness> sphere
    <xmaddness> globe
    <Sick_Dwarf> we're the web's wishes?: )
    <str34m3r> gate?
    <v_Ln> dell??
    <Debwalin> Global...it would be international
    <xmaddness> lol
    <xmaddness> gate
    <v_Ln> microsoft?
    <v_Ln> heh
    <xmaddness> global
    <xmaddness> hmm
    <Debwalin> um, I think microsoft might be taken
    <Debwalin> Global Portal
    <xmaddness> global exchange
    <str34m3r> no - I was thinking along the likes of a portal - stargate specifically, but I know that's already taken
    <Debwalin> Global connections
    <xmaddness> global sphere
    <Sick_Dwarf> we should think about the URL first, the URL is the name, it's what people remember
    <Debwalin> I like global exchange
    <v_Ln> global connections is cool
    <xmaddness> okay global connections or global eXchange
    <str34m3r> anyone have their handydandy Domain Name checker open?
    <Debwalin> it's pretty much what it would be...a global connection...
    <v_Ln> heh global exchange sounds a bit like the international operator tho
    <xmaddness> right
    <xmaddness> lol
    <xmaddness> okay global connections
    <Sick_Dwarf> ok, i agree
    <v_Ln> we satisfied with global connections?
    <xmaddness> and you thought YOU had connections?
    <str34m3r> taken
    <Sick_Dwarf> its already taken, betting starts now
    <Debwalin> taken...bah
    <v_Ln> >_<
    <xmaddness> it is?
    <str34m3r> already cecked - it is
    <xmaddness> doh
    <xmaddness> dam internet
    <str34m3r> : )
    <Debwalin> lol
    <Sick_Dwarf> told ya, the url first
    <Sick_Dwarf> that's nr1
    * xmaddness nods
    <xmaddness> okay
    <xmaddness> names?
    <Sick_Dwarf> ...
    <str34m3r> PortalOnTheorld
    <str34m3r> oops - world
    <v_Ln> lol
    <Sick_Dwarf> nanananaaaa, toolong
    <str34m3r> true
    <xmaddness> global window
    <v_Ln> global-connection.co.uk is available
    <v_Ln> ; )
    <Sick_Dwarf> remember: we also have .net and .org options
    <xmaddness> is it?
    <v_Ln> yup
    <str34m3r> global window didn't resolve
    <Sick_Dwarf> and .net?
    <v_Ln> heh just dropped the S on connections
    <xmaddness> global-connection.net
    <v_Ln> nope taken
    <v_Ln> .com is gone to
    <xmaddness> okay.. also what server is this thing gunna run on?
    <Sick_Dwarf> mine
    <Sick_Dwarf> cobalt server
    <xmaddness> okay
    <xmaddness> cool
    <Sick_Dwarf> comes in in about a month
    <xmaddness> ; )
    <Sick_Dwarf> i like this community idea
    <v_Ln> nice one
    <xmaddness> okay so global-connection.co.uk
    <v_Ln> until then i have hosting on interworks
    <v_Ln> i can set up 3 other ftp accounts - so will set one up for peps to upload layout ideas etc
    <str34m3r> are we giving up on a .com, .net, and .org
    <v_Ln> and we also have .biz & .info
    <Sick_Dwarf> we should come up with multiple options for names
    <v_Ln> heh
    <v_Ln> dwarf is right
    <str34m3r> true
    <Sick_Dwarf> just in case'
    <v_Ln> incase is gone by time we get round to gettin it
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah
    <xmaddness> teah come up with some more.. we'll post a poll in the forunm and let people vote
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah, but there will be people voting that have nothing to do with it
    <v_Ln> so there will be people visiting that will have nothing to do with it : )
    -v_Ln-log- str34m3r Has Initiated Caps Flood Control On #portal.
    <str34m3r> sorry - I cut and pasted
    <xmaddness> well they will decide whats a cool name though
    <Sick_Dwarf> ok, but who's gonna start the thread?
    * v_Ln can't atm
    <v_Ln> i can use quick reply box but i can't sytart threads or PM
    <v_Ln> coookies or something are ****0red
    <v_Ln> IE keeps logging me out >_<;
    <Sick_Dwarf> ii'm certain if i'll keep this modem any longer
    <Debwalin> Well, what do you want the thread to say...I can start it
    <Sick_Dwarf> NOT certain i mean
    <v_Ln> why?
    <Sick_Dwarf> its a rental : )
    <Sick_Dwarf> a loaner
    <xmaddness> okay.. other names
    <xmaddness> we have global-connection
    <v_Ln> global-connections.me.uk & global-connections.fm are available as well
    <v_Ln> hehe
    <xmaddness> whats anotherone
    <v_Ln> SD: heh thats right thanx to ur FRIEND
    <Sick_Dwarf> nononono multiple names, not multiple domains (that rhymes)
    <xmaddness> global-window
    <xmaddness> global-highway
    <xmaddness> global-sphere
    <Sick_Dwarf> the netters collection url= netters(z)collection.domain
    <v_Ln> opiate
    <Sick_Dwarf> mmm( z )
    <str34m3r> due to brain freeze, I checked die-scriptkiddies-die.com and it's available : )
    <v_Ln> lol
    <Sick_Dwarf> hehehe
    <xmaddness> lol
    <v_Ln> sk-hideaway
    <v_Ln> [sarcasm]
    <xmaddness> hmm
    <xmaddness> skynet
    <str34m3r> the hideaway isea isn't bad
    <Sick_Dwarf> taken
    <v_Ln> what from terminator?
    <xmaddness> heh
    <Sick_Dwarf> i'll be back.com
    <xmaddness> global-skynet
    <v_Ln> or that AT&T one?
    <xmaddness> terminator
    <v_Ln> heh
    <xmaddness> skynet-sphere
    <Sick_Dwarf> offlinezzz.com?
    <v_Ln> stimulate?
    <Debwalin> lol...global stimulation
    <xmaddness> proonline
    <v_Ln> heh sounds like p0rn tho >_<;
    <str34m3r> : )
    <xmaddness> pronline
    <Debwalin> yeah, kinda
    <xmaddness> heh
    <v_Ln> lol
    <v_Ln> uber-leet
    <Sick_Dwarf> yahoo.com, that sounds nice
    <str34m3r> shades-of-gray.org
    <Sick_Dwarf> nonamez.com
    <Debwalin> Hey that's cool...uber-leet
    <v_Ln> thats cool
    * v_Ln rasies eyes at debs
    <Sick_Dwarf> that's german
    <xmaddness> grayhat
    <v_Ln> greyscale?
    <str34m3r> or grey for you british folks
    <xmaddness> graynet
    <v_Ln> heh
    <Sick_Dwarf> gray? lay off the grey
    <xmaddness> lol
    <xmaddness> optinet
    <Sick_Dwarf> l-o-l.com
    <Debwalin> lol
    <v_Ln> sounds like a joke site
    <xmaddness> : ).com
    <Debwalin> yeah it does
    <v_Ln> can only contain letters numbers and -
    <Sick_Dwarf> webclips.com
    <v_Ln> ; )
    <xmaddness> lol.. i know
    <v_Ln> otherwise we could have ( ))////////|_).ascii-wang.com
    <str34m3r> gray-net.org
    <v_Ln> : D
    <Sick_Dwarf> .....................
    <str34m3r> sorry
    <xmaddness> i like gray-net.org
    <v_Ln> checking
    <Sick_Dwarf> gray? what's with the grey? dudes?
    <xmaddness> lol
    <v_Ln> heh alot of peps would consider themselves grey hats??
    <v_Ln> i dunno
    <str34m3r> I don't care - I just figured the large majority are some shade of grayhat
    <str34m3r> there are ery few pure whitehats
    <xmaddness> black hat plus white hat makes gray hat
    <v_Ln> .net .org .co.uk all available
    <Sick_Dwarf> v_Ln-debwalin-Sick_Dwarf-str34m3r-xmaddness.com
    <Debwalin> what about 1337portals.com?
    <v_Ln> lol
    <Debwalin> lol
    <str34m3r> : )
    <xmaddness> lol @ sick
    <Sick_Dwarf> hehehe
    <v_Ln> wecantthinkofacatchyname.com
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah
    <xmaddness> planet-maddness.net
    <Sick_Dwarf> justanotherportal.com
    <xmaddness> that was one that i never got off the ground
    <v_Ln> global-madness.com
    <Debwalin> hey..check that one v_Ln-log
    <xmaddness> global-maddness
    <Debwalin> I like it
    <str34m3r> are there two d's in madness?
    <v_Ln> checking
    <xmaddness> yeah
    <xmaddness> well in mine there is
    <str34m3r> learning-gate.com
    <str34m3r> true - but I meant in the real world : )
    <v_Ln> global-maddness.com Available
    <v_Ln> global-maddness.net Available
    <v_Ln> global-maddness.org Available
    <v_Ln> global-maddness.co.uk Available
    <v_Ln> global-maddness.org.uk Available
    <v_Ln> global-maddness.me.uk
    <xmaddness> dunno
    <Sick_Dwarf> thosecrazyguysfromaowhocantthinkofjustafewbloodynamesthatfittherewebportalwhichhasitsrootsinao.com
    <xmaddness> cool
    <Debwalin> I like it...
    <v_Ln> heh someone boot up microsoft word and do a spell check on maddnes
    <v_Ln> lol
    <v_Ln> *maddness
    <Debwalin> it's madness
    <Sick_Dwarf> maddness
    <str34m3r> I think it's spelled madness
    <Debwalin> is the correct spelling
    <Debwalin> madness
    <xmaddness> madĚness Pronunciation Key (mdns)
    <str34m3r> how about that one?
    <v_Ln> dunno checking madness now
    <xmaddness> The quality or condition of being insane. See Synonyms at insanity.
    <v_Ln> global-madness.com Available
    <v_Ln> global-madness.net Available
    <v_Ln> global-madness.org
    <str34m3r> I like it
    <xmaddness> Great folly: It was sheer madness to attempt the drive during a blizzard
    <xmaddness> Fury; rage.
    <Debwalin> cool...I think that's the one....
    <xmaddness> Enthusiasm; excitement.
    <Sick_Dwarf> webs-attachment.com
    <str34m3r> global-madness.com
    <xmaddness> global-madness.what?
    <str34m3r> ?
    <xmaddness> .net me thinks
    <str34m3r> if they're all the same price, I'd go for .com because that's what everyone tres first
    <Sick_Dwarf> .wha evah
    <xmaddness> yeah tru
    <v_Ln> streamer true
    <Sick_Dwarf> mmmmm, offcourse it's taken, common guys
    <Sick_Dwarf> global-madness.com?????
    <Debwalin> no, .com wasn't taken
    <v_Ln> plus .com was intended to be the international ending
    <xmaddness> global-madness.com
    <Sick_Dwarf> ..................
    <v_Ln> nope i checked is there
    * Debwalin likes it
    <v_Ln> .com .org & .net are available
    <str34m3r> I just checked with godaddy.com and it says it's available
    <Sick_Dwarf> .nl, .be, .lu. i can name some other european countries
    <Debwalin> those are all good ones
    <xmaddness> thats it.. global-madness.com
    <Debwalin> sweetness
    <v_Ln> right we got 2 now....one more just incase ; )
    <xmaddness> lol godaddy.com
    <Sick_Dwarf> but........... is our site really that mad. or is it just a nice name
    <Debwalin> ARGH
    * v_Ln would rather make sure this is sorted now
    -v_Ln-log- Debwalin Has Initiated Caps Flood Control On #portal.
    <xmaddness> lol
    <v_Ln> lol @ deb
    <Debwalin> =(
    <Debwalin> lol
    <str34m3r> : )
    <Debwalin> okay...one more time
    <xmaddness> hmm.. okay.. next one
    <str34m3r> so global-madness.com and what was the other option we didn't like as much? : )
    <Sick_Dwarf> global-sickness??? ; )
    <xmaddness> global-connection
    <str34m3r> gotcha
    <Sick_Dwarf> global-debwalinnes?
    <v_Ln> lol
    <Debwalin> lol...no
    <v_Ln> v_Lns-bitches.com
    <v_Ln> : D
    * Debwalin smacks v_Ln, you better watch it buddy....lol
    <v_Ln> hehe
    <v_Ln> ok ok am sorry
    <Sick_Dwarf> verydisturbedlittleman.v_Lns.com
    <Debwalin> lol...better be
    <v_Ln> v_Lns-bitch.debs.com
    * v_Ln runs
    <str34m3r> just for curiosity, does anything keep someone from reading the poll and reserving the name before we can?
    <Sick_Dwarf> lets.make.up.something.com
    <xmaddness> galactic-circle
    * Debwalin shoots a laser at v_Ln...you can run but you can't hide
    <v_Ln> streamer good point
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah
    <Sick_Dwarf> we need our private poll
    <str34m3r> I don't guess you can reserve a name for a day just to see about it huh?
    <v_Ln> right we'll schedule another chat - but with more notice
    <v_Ln> then whoever shows up can vote in it
    <str34m3r> cool
    <xmaddness> terestrial-concepts
    <v_Ln> that way only peps who are serious will be voting as well
    <Debwalin> sounds good
    <Sick_Dwarf> uuuuuuhm, everything is ok with me. Just let me design the Logo!
    <v_Ln> lol @ SD ; )
    <xmaddness> frozen-echo.net
    <xmaddness> golden-fire
    <xmaddness> astral-thoughts
    <xmaddness> lol
    <xmaddness> anything?
    * v_Ln stares round room for inspiration
    <Sick_Dwarf> ....................'
    <v_Ln> ummmmmmmm
    <Sick_Dwarf> out-of-inspiration
    <v_Ln> harp!
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah! uhmmmmmmmmm.com
    <str34m3r> I see a dodge viper model, a bag of tostitos and a picture of my wife
    <str34m3r> no help with inspiration
    <v_Ln> e-spiration.com
    <xmaddness> global-echo
    <Sick_Dwarf> do you know what that means in dutch, wife
    <v_Ln> heh u like this world global don't u ; )
    <v_Ln> echo??
    <xmaddness> lol
    <str34m3r> host-unreachable.com
    <Debwalin> global wife?
    <v_Ln> man she gets around a bit!
    <v_Ln> 404.com
    <xmaddness> lol
    <Debwalin> lol
    <Sick_Dwarf> 404.com is taken
    <v_Ln> bah
    <str34m3r> host-unreachable is available
    <Sick_Dwarf> bets are in
    <xmaddness> solar-echo
    <v_Ln> 404.com Registered
    <v_Ln> 404.net Registered
    <v_Ln> 404.org Registered
    <v_Ln> 404.co.uk Registered
    <v_Ln> 404.org.uk Registered
    <xmaddness> lol
    <v_Ln> SD > wins ; )
    <Sick_Dwarf> hehehehe
    <Sick_Dwarf> gimme the cash
    <Sick_Dwarf> : 0 )
    <v_Ln> : P
    <str34m3r> killminus9.com
    <Sick_Dwarf> damn, brb, gotta take care of kidz again
    <str34m3r> k
    <v_Ln> freehardcore.com
    <xmaddness> galactic exchange
    <v_Ln> sure to get plenty of hits
    <str34m3r> um.... no
    <v_Ln> ; )
    <xmaddness> lol
    <v_Ln> SD> k
    <str34m3r> : )
    <v_Ln> 404-error.com Available
    <xmaddness> well figure it out peeps.. i gotta get going..
    <v_Ln> geoshite.com?
    <str34m3r> ping-flood.com Available
    * xmaddness is at work
    <xmaddness> heh
    <xmaddness> laters
    <v_Ln> ok mad
    <v_Ln> ty for dropping in : )
    <str34m3r> ok
    <xmaddness> np
    *** Signoff: xmaddness (Quit: Today is a good day to chat. )
    <v_Ln> will post log when i get to england
    <Sick_Dwarf> brb
    <Sick_Dwarf> hehehehe
    <Sick_Dwarf> they're taken care of
    <Sick_Dwarf> nice little kiddies
    <Sick_Dwarf> i love holland
    <Sick_Dwarf> back to the site!
    <str34m3r> : )
    <Sick_Dwarf> whats up
    <Debwalin> What did you do to them?
    <v_Ln> heh - post me some of your kiddies over to look after ; )
    <Sick_Dwarf> i gave them some water, and some of secret growing formula
    <Debwalin> let's see..
    <Debwalin> omg Sick_Dwarf...that's truly sick
    <Debwalin> lol
    <Debwalin> portals on the world
    <Sick_Dwarf> the-worldz-portal
    <v_Ln> bit long
    <Debwalin> yeah
    <Sick_Dwarf> the-portal-worldz
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah'
    <Sick_Dwarf> like ir
    <v_Ln> Portals Of The Terrible Youth
    <Sick_Dwarf> it
    <Debwalin> sites2see
    <v_Ln> or potty.com
    <Sick_Dwarf> sex.com?
    <Sick_Dwarf> oh........... taken damn
    <v_Ln> ummmm might be taken?
    <Sick_Dwarf> hehehe'
    <Sick_Dwarf> got ya
    <str34m3r> can you believe portals-r-us.com is already taken?
    <v_Ln> I've got it!!!!!
    <v_Ln> antionline.com
    <Debwalin> What?!
    <Debwalin> lol
    <Sick_Dwarf> YES
    *** Mode change "+b Sick_Dwarf!*ick_Dwarf@anti-5EE16E2.quicknet.nl" for channel #portal by v_Ln-log
    -v_Ln-log- You Have Violated #portal By Causing A Caps Flood.
    *** v_Ln-log has left #portal
    Session Close (#portal): Wed May 22 03:57:57 2002

    Session Start (services.antionline.com:#portal): Wed May 22 04:02:45 2002
    *** Now talking in #portal.
    *** Users on #portal: Sick_Dwarf @v_Ln
    *** End of /NAMES list.
    *** Mode for channel #portal is "+"
    *** Channel #portal was created at Thu May 23 04:07:12 2002
    *** Join to #portal completed in 0 seconds.
    <Sick_Dwarf> i'm back
    *** v_Ln-log (whoop@anti-3FC3128D.honker.dialup.pol.co.uk) has joined channel #portal
    * v_Ln tells of v_Ln-log
    <v_Ln> bad bot : )
    *** str34m3r (chatzilla@anti-3B7B9865.dialsprint.net) has joined channel #portal
    <str34m3r> fixed?
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah, thanxes
    <v_Ln> yup
    *** Debwalin (Debwalin@35F4022D.16C4865C.276125B5.IP) has joined channel #portal
    <v_Ln> soz peps
    <v_Ln> but cause of the masking antionline applies to ur ip i couldn't unban
    <v_Ln> soz : (
    <Debwalin> s'okay...don't let it happen again...lol
    <Sick_Dwarf> you guys! all leaving just because I was banned :' - (
    <v_Ln> heh no way is bot gettin op's again : )
    <Sick_Dwarf> i'm so happy
    <v_Ln> had to close chan so all /modes would be lost
    * v_Ln slaps v_Ln-log around a bit with a large trout
    * Debwalin puts a little note on my computer not to use caps....
    <v_Ln> now behave!!
    <Sick_Dwarf> hehehehe, back to bussines then. bot-ops.com
    <v_Ln> lol
    <v_Ln> heh this bit is gonna look funny when i post the log off out chat oO
    * v_Ln thinks should trimm this bit out ; )
    <str34m3r> perhaps
    <Debwalin> lol
    <Sick_Dwarf> trimm-bot
    <str34m3r> but that might be construed as censorship : )
    <v_Ln> think of my rep...being upstaged by a bot
    <str34m3r> : )
    <v_Ln> not even a proper bot just a clone oO
    <Debwalin> lol
    <Debwalin> your rep will be shot
    <Sick_Dwarf> logbotops.com, sounds like.................. nevermind
    <v_Ln> global-perceptions.com?
    <Sick_Dwarf> my oldest one says hi to all of ya
    <Sick_Dwarf> : )
    <Debwalin> that's good...
    <v_Ln> heh
    <Debwalin> global perceptions
    <Sick_Dwarf> global cerpetions
    <str34m3r> along the lines of the fire and ice stuff earlier - chasingdaylight.com
    <v_Ln> hehe we all seem to like this global idea anyways ; )
    <Sick_Dwarf> holland-rules.com????(blush)
    <Sick_Dwarf> hehehe, just kiddin bot! don't kick me!
    <Debwalin> girls rule.com
    <v_Ln> ireland-rules-and-dont-argue-or-well-do-your-knee-caps.com
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah, i like it
    <Sick_Dwarf> must be taken
    <Debwalin> lol...how can you do our kneecaps?
    * v_Ln-log glares at sick_dwarf
    <str34m3r> brb
    <v_Ln> debs> is an irish phrase
    <Sick_Dwarf> uuuuuhm..... i'm a dwarf. does that make a difference?
    <v_Ln> we'll do your knee caps for ye!
    <Debwalin> v_Ln: is an American phrase too...doing someone is having sex with them...lol
    <v_Ln> nah the bot ain't heighist
    *** v_Ln-log is now known as v_Ln-away
    <v_Ln-away> v_Ln-log Is Auto Away After 1 Minutes Idle.
    <Sick_Dwarf> hehehe
    <v_Ln> heh doing someones knee caps in ireland means to put a gun to the back of the knee and blow the cap off
    <v_Ln> terrorists do it as a punishment
    <Debwalin> lol..okay, well, but like I said...given our definition...how can you do someones kneecaps?
    <Debwalin> lol
    <v_Ln> true
    <Sick_Dwarf> doing someones kneekaps in holland is like...... you know........ what dogs do
    <Debwalin> lmao
    <Sick_Dwarf> hehehe
    <Debwalin> okay...doingkneecaps.com
    <Sick_Dwarf> i'm putting you guys on the "portal" list
    <v_Ln> recluse.com ?
    <v_Ln> hehe
    *** Signon by str34m3r (str34m3r!chatzilla@anti-3B7B9865.dialsprint.net, Mask: *!*@*) detected
    <v_Ln> brb
    *** Signon by Debwalin (Debwalin!Debwalin@35F4022D.16C4865C.276125B5.IP, Mask: *!*@*) detected
    * v_Ln-away is watching SD in v_Ln's adsence
    <Sick_Dwarf> mmmmm,
    <str34m3r> sorry
    <Sick_Dwarf> i'm goin
    <Sick_Dwarf> don't do this
    <Debwalin> do what>
    <Sick_Dwarf> leavin that...... that....... bot
    <Sick_Dwarf> scary bot
    <v_Ln-away> v_Ln-away Is Auto Away After 1 Minutes Idle.
    <Sick_Dwarf> away bot! shoo!
    <v_Ln> back
    <Sick_Dwarf> few
    <v_Ln> heh he isn't even a proper bot
    <v_Ln> is a clone
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah, he ain't well trained
    <Sick_Dwarf> that makes him even more dangerous
    <Sick_Dwarf> dangerous-portal-botz.com
    <v_Ln> am just running a second client on computer with some logging and some chan protection things
    <str34m3r> so no new names?
    <v_Ln> like the caps flood SD discovered
    <v_Ln> global-perceptions?
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah
    <Sick_Dwarf> percepting-globally
    <v_Ln> altered-perception.com?
    <str34m3r> it's available
    <v_Ln> which one?
    <str34m3r> global-perceptions.com
    <str34m3r> altered-perception.com is too
    <v_Ln> altered-perception.com Available
    <v_Ln> altered-perception.net Available
    <v_Ln> altered-perception.org Available
    <v_Ln> altered-perception.co.uk Available
    <v_Ln> altered-perception.org.uk Available
    <v_Ln> altered-perception.me.uk Available
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah
    <str34m3r> I think I like altered-perception better that global
    <v_Ln> ditto
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah me to
    <str34m3r> altered-perception.com, global-madness.com, global-connections.com?
    <Debwalin> sounds good to me
    <Sick_Dwarf> jep
    <v_Ln> sounds good
    <str34m3r> my vote would be for 2, then 1, then 3
    <Debwalin> mine would be 2,3,1
    <Sick_Dwarf> 1 2 3
    <str34m3r> 1 and 2 are pretty close though
    <v_Ln> 1/2 ain't decided then 3
    <Sick_Dwarf> 1 2 3
    <v_Ln> right now thats sorted I think i'm gonna try and catch an hrs sleep >_<
    <Sick_Dwarf> ok, what time is it over there
    <v_Ln> i leave in like an hr and a bit oO
    <str34m3r> ok, so we have three names - when is the next meeting?
    <v_Ln> nearly 4am
    <Debwalin> whew...my heads been bouncing off the keyboard for an hour....
    <Debwalin> v_Ln: you be careful hun
    <Sick_Dwarf> next meeting
    <Sick_Dwarf> list eachother
    <v_Ln> right i'll be back from the 6th of june
    <Sick_Dwarf> damn
    <Sick_Dwarf> 6th of june it is then
    <Debwalin> same time?
    <Debwalin> or earlier?
    <str34m3r> ok - I'll work on some layout ideas til then
    <Debwalin> I can do it earlier
    <Sick_Dwarf> uuuuhm,what time did we start?
    <v_Ln> whenever?
    <str34m3r> I'll vot e abit earlier
    <v_Ln> about 2am GMT
    <v_Ln> 12 GMT?
    <str34m3r> yeah
    <Sick_Dwarf> 12 GMT
    <Debwalin> wouldn't 12 be better for you guys?
    <v_Ln> settled?
    <Debwalin> yep...sounds good to me
    <Sick_Dwarf> ok
    <v_Ln> debs> am usually up all night anyways
    <Sick_Dwarf> me to, noght=day
    <str34m3r> have a safe trip v_Ln
    <v_Ln> i work on US time (west coast)
    <Debwalin> v_Ln: yeah, but not everyone is...lol
    <v_Ln> heh
    <v_Ln> right ok peps
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah, have fun with those teaslurpers
    <Debwalin> v_Ln: you take care, and let us here from you now and then
    <v_Ln> oh and start drawing up some layout ideas
    <v_Ln> debs> i should be on the forums
    <Sick_Dwarf> yeah, we'll sent it to eacht other on IRC
    <v_Ln> just no IRC at uni
    <Debwalin> v_Ln: good...
    <str34m3r> any e-mail address we should send layout ideas to?
    <Debwalin> argh...lol
    <v_Ln> bassett2002@hotmail.com
    <v_Ln> or PM me them
    <str34m3r> ok : )
    <Sick_Dwarf> ok
    <v_Ln> I'll sort out a group ftp account in next couple of days
    <v_Ln> so u can just upload thrm and i'll start a thread for u to put the addys in
    <v_Ln> so evewryone can see them - k?
    <str34m3r> str34m3r@yahoo.com
    <Sick_Dwarf> k
    <v_Ln> cool
    <Sick_Dwarf> sickdwarf200@hotmail.com
    <Debwalin> sounds good
    <v_Ln> well guys I really most go
    <Debwalin> v_Ln: you have mine don't you?
    <str34m3r> bye
    <Sick_Dwarf> have fun
    <v_Ln> I'll see u all on the boards
    <v_Ln> yeah debs
    <Debwalin> bye hun, be safe, and have fun
    *** str34m3r has left #portal
    <Debwalin> k
    <Sick_Dwarf> seeeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaa
    <v_Ln> will do : )
    <Debwalin> bye!
    <v_Ln> oh hold on
    *** Debwalin has left #portal
    <v_Ln> SD
    *** Debwalin (Debwalin@35F4022D.16C4865C.276125B5.IP) has joined channel #portal
    *** Mode change "+o Sick_Dwarf" for channel #portal by v_Ln
    <v_Ln> I'll give u the honour
    <v_Ln> now u can get revenge
    <v_Ln> lol
    <Sick_Dwarf> hehehe
    <Debwalin> lol
    *** Debwalin has left #portal
    <Sick_Dwarf> uuuuuhm
    *** Signoff by str34m3r detected
    <Sick_Dwarf> im a all alone
    <v_Ln> heh gave u op so u could kick/ban bot
    <v_Ln> duh!
    <v_Ln> lol
    *** v_Ln-away has been kicked off channel #portal by Sick_Dwarf (jerk)
    *** v_Ln-away (whoop@anti-3FC3128D.honker.dialup.pol.co.uk) has joined channel #portal
    *** Mode change "+b *!*@anti-3FC3128D.honker.dialup.pol.co.uk" for channel #portal by v_Ln
    *** Mode change "+b *!*whoop@*.co.uk" for channel #portal by Sick_Dwarf
    *** v_Ln-away has been kicked off channel #portal by Sick_Dwarf (jerk)
    <v_Ln> see ya man
    <Sick_Dwarf> WHOHAHAHA
    <Sick_Dwarf> mzzl
    Session Close (#portal): Wed May 22 04:26:22 2002
    THAT WAS A LOT OF WORK!!! I mean removing all the smilie code.

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    Tonight (for all those europeans) should be the meeting.

    <Debwalin> whew...my heads been bouncing off the keyboard for an hour....
    <Debwalin> v_Ln: you be careful hun
    <Sick_Dwarf> next meeting
    <Sick_Dwarf> list eachother
    <v_Ln> right i'll be back from the 6th of june
    <Sick_Dwarf> damn
    <Sick_Dwarf> 6th of june it is then
    <Debwalin> same time?
    <Debwalin> or earlier?
    <str34m3r> ok - I'll work on some layout ideas til then
    <Debwalin> I can do it earlier
    <Sick_Dwarf> uuuuhm,what time did we start?
    <v_Ln> whenever?
    <str34m3r> I'll vot e abit earlier
    <v_Ln> about 2am GMT
    <v_Ln> 12 GMT?
    <str34m3r> yeah
    <Sick_Dwarf> 12 GMT
    <Debwalin> wouldn't 12 be better for you guys?
    <v_Ln> settled?
    <Debwalin> yep...sounds good to me
    <Sick_Dwarf> ok
    Yeah, i know. didn't really look through this gicantic log. But now i know. And so do you. This should clear things up. With 12 GMT they mean 12PM GMT, like..... night.

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    Did the choose-a-name poll ever materialise on AO's forums?
    /me is looking forward to tonights meeting on IRC (post written June 5th)
    /me also volunteers web design help to the project
    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them.
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
    (The Lord Of The Rings)

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    Thanx. I'm planning to put the logs of the second meeting up here to. I'll bold out the important things so it's easier for people to read. (post written on June 6th(but that's because of the one hour difference)) LOL

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    Well, for anyone who WAS interested. The only one that came was Rewandythal which was appreciated. But no one else seemed interrested in the Portal Project. So GOOOOOD BEEEY PORTAL PROJECT !


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    Dude, You have to give more than 2 hours notice before a meeting.. heh

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    I would have come, but apparently I'm bad at math and couldn't figure out when 12am GMT was.

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    GMT is British time, usually
    Britain is currently in British Summer Time (GMT+1)
    The rest of Europe is usually 1 hour ahead of Britain (GMT+2 in the summer)
    America is a very strange place with thousands of different time zones... They're between 5 and 8 hours behind GMT (GMT-5 to GMT-8), if that helps anyone.
    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them.
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
    (The Lord Of The Rings)

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    Originally posted here by xmaddness
    Dude, You have to give more than 2 hours notice before a meeting.. heh
    Dude, look at the date of the Chat. That was when the notice was out.

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