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Thread: To All Webdesigners

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    Are you guys making a topsites??

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    Jethro is more or less right, though, all we need is a PHP based site, where users add their details on a form, and it generates them a personal page, and link to their site, based on the details provided. It could all be automated, and could use some kind of predefined style (maybe a CSS stylesheet or something) for the styling of users "profile" pages. All it'd need then is a couple of MB hosting, with PHP and xSQL (MySQL or PostgreSQL).
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    Hosting shouldn't be any problem when my Cobalt comes in.

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    I'd like to also help out here where I can. IRC is diffcult for me usually a email list would also be good. PM me any ppl involved in the "Project" so I can get your email addys and give mine.
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    i'm a webdesigner =) aka webmaster:
    The Pill Box
    Geeks Are Cool

    i own, and run both. Check em out, i design the pages myself as well.
    my pages: (great resources for everyone) resource for computers, hacking, virii, wutnot. archive of logs and resource for laughter.
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    Hey, I posted in web development, and I asked a few things, and only one of my questions ever got answered.

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    My page I'm currently working on is I recently changed webhosts and realize my CGI doesn't work anymore
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    Hey, I want to join to. I was sleeping the last half year, but I also can make nice websites to... So if there's any place left.
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