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Thread: For all you gamers out there

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    Thumbs up For all you gamers out there

    From Wired News, available online at:

    Game Controls Fit Like a Glove
    By Brad King

    2:00 a.m. May 31, 2002 PDT
    Enemy planes circle overhead, looking to take out satellite
    installations at your base. Your defense system consists of a 360-degree gun turret armed with heat-seeking missiles and machine guns, which you control by a virtual targeting system that follows the movement of your hand.

    In theory, it's the game player's dream. A video game controlled by
    the mere wave of a hand, the twitch of a finger.

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    With the new P5 glove controller, an updated answer to Nintendo's
    Power Glove, players do just that. It has a plastic shell that slips over your fingers. The movement of your hand, the signal of which is captured electronically by a base station, controls the movement of the character on the screen.

    Different finger movements serve as specific commands. To switch guns,
    twitch the index finger. To fire weapons, twitch the middle finger.

    This is the latest is the long line of super-geek controls that blend
    reality with fantasy. Last week, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, companies seeded the four showroom floors with new gadgets and gizmos that shave milliseconds off player-character response time, ease game play and enable new actions.

    The P5 still has some kinks. The controller works best with flight
    simulators and role-playing games, which are games best suited for the PC. However, even on the computer, the base station sometimes loses track of your hand, causing the gun to lock, and forcing you to reset it by pointing your hand away from the screen.

    To make the controls work more smoothly, game developers need to
    include the P5's software architecture into their products. That's a problem right now, since there are only a handful of games being developed to coincide with its launch this September.

    But Essential Reality, the company behind the glove, hopes its deal
    with Lionhead Studios will show other developers what the controller can do. Lionhead distributes the Black and White games, which have a "hand of god" icon that manipulates character movements.

    "The game pad hasn't been able to manipulate the role-playing games
    properly, but now you can use this P5 to transport the mouse to the home console," said David Devor, Essential's vice president of marketing.

    If the glove takes off, it could open the door for other wireless and
    wearable controllers such as Maui's Cymouse, a headset that allows characters to manipulate game play through a combination of head movements, mouse slides and keystrokes. Everquest and CounterStrike players are already using the device.

    Fiddling with the "hand of god" and head twitching might be OK for
    home gamers, but when it comes to the high-octane tournament play of first-person shooters such as Quake, the wireless motion controllers are a bit clunky.

    That leaves the mouse and keyboard for the action-oriented gamers.
    However, the keyboard leaves something to be desired since its size makes it difficult to use with one hand.

    But come up with a problem and some intrepid gamer will also supply
    the answer, especially since there is big money at stake. Players are demanding more speed and control, in no small part because the first professional gaming league is poised to expand after receiving $45 million in funding.

    Pros can rest easy, now that they have Belkin's Nostromon50 Speed Pad,
    a palm-sized keypad with a mouse. It comes with software that allows players to customize their keypad to best match their playing style. The mouse controls the turning of your player left or right, while the keypad's arrow keys control the movement.

    "We were very in tune to keep this intuitive with the use of a
    keyboard," said Tim North, game product manager.

    Many of the latest controller innovations are for the PC, since
    players are already accustomed to the XBox, Game Cube or Playstation II devices. People are so used to their own controllers, major structural shifts can cause a backlash. So instead of transforming the handheld, NYKO's design team decided to add a helpful -- if slightly frivolous -- addition.

    The Air Flo is a self-cooled controller that comes with a built-in
    fan, much like an air hockey system, to keep players from getting sweaty palms, the bane of existence for anyone who's ever sat down and battled monsters and demons for hours at a time.

    "We've gotten to a point where, other than changing the actual bowl,
    there wasn't much else to do," said Joe Kim, NYKO's marketing director. "As gaming gets tougher and more involved, sweat becomes a problem for game players."

    Maybe it's a bit of overkill, because the tradition of finishing a
    level and then quickly wiping your hands on your pants before the next stage starts has worked for years. But to these gamers, if the Air Flo can keep just one person from losing a game of Madden 2003 because of a fateful slip, it might be worth the investment.

    For the arcade game lover, maybe the best new toy on the market is the
    X-Arcade, a full on, dual-joystick mounted board with 16 action buttons to accommodate sports, fighting and adventure games.

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    I don't know, the glove sounds like a great thing, but I remember going out and getting the bat for the SNES when it came out for KGJr. presents MLB.....It was the stupidest and useless thing ever created. You just slightly moved the bat and it gave a full swing on screen, great for lazy people but I wanted something more real at the time. I realize now that they probably didn't have the capabilities to do such a great thing with a bat that only cost me 40 bucks.

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    "Different finger movements serve as specific commands. To switch guns,
    twitch the index finger. To fire weapons, twitch the middle finger. "

    I am definitely intrigued by the idea, but it doesn't seem to be too intuitive. Whoever heard of firing by your middle finger????

    Addons like that have a long way to go before they are immersive even if not totally.

    That was my 2 cents, and now back to your regular programming.
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    I'm patiently waiting for Virtual Reality. Some people say that it will never happen. But I think they are wrong. Once VR becomes comfortable, and as pleasing to the Eye, as current games/consoles are. VR will boom. It is the next step for gaming, and porn.
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    I don't know what my friends would say if they saw me playing Half-life and continually making rude gestures toward the screen

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    I like that Belkin Speed Pad, I had one and it kicked ass with Jedi Knight II and Quake III, until when one of my friends was unplugging it to borrow, he somehow managed to tear the cord out of the pad part (I have NO idea how he managed to do something that stupid)..........o well, I agree with gstudios, sort of........some people might not like that much realism..............it could get really tiring, or if they're good at stuff with a controller, but are fat or have asthma or aren't good at shooting in the first place, then their fps/rpg experience is ruined.

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    I don't know what my friends would say if they saw me playing Half-life and continually making rude gestures toward the screen
    bquine.. mate if their in the game the only rude gestures they will see will be their vital organs rolling around the floor ... just give em another blast from the shotgun..lol..
    yes HL, or any deathmatch .. just love to any Combat Flight Sim in VR... Wooo hooo.

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    vr could exist in our homes right now. hell, it has been getting pushed from underground supporters to the mainstream since the late 80's and early 90's. remember when it was talked about so much in the early 90's? ever wondered what happened? not enough support and too much pressure against it. if you do a little homework on vr, you will find that they tried to get it into the mainstream to some degree but was pressured by the fda and government to get rid of it. students at berkely, the lovely home of bsd and lsd, experimented with vr for years and was actually making good progress. vr machines were created that were to create psychedlic atmospheres, sensations of flying, etc. some machines were being released to the public as meditative devices to induce relaxation, etc. this is when the fda stepped in saying that to sell a machine that acts like a drug, they would need fda approval. fda approval takes years for anything to get apporved and many things are still awaiting approval. beyond being time consuming, this process requires a lot of cash flow! a lot more money than any berkely student has, thats for sure. also, the government has been working to keep vr technology governemnt exclusive and out of the hands of the mainstream. this technology ahs been supressed so heavily because in their eyes, it is the "new drug." a safer, more intense, vision inducing, fun, virtual drug. they fear what will happen when the mainstream can get a hold of this technology. we have seen what happens when consciousness expansion happens on a massive scale with lsd and the 60's. just imagine what will happen when joe average learns that he can create his own reality, not just in vr, but in real life today, and master technology, not just use it, or be controlled by it. all this was in the early 90's... just imagine what kind of technology could, or does exist with vr today! enter the matrix. free your mind.

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    I hope you're kidding, VanEck.

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    not kidding in the slightest. do a little homework man. the governent has vr technology and uses it for training, flight simulation, battle simulation, hostage situation simulation, and combat training. why do all we have are ps2's, game cubes and x-boxes? do a little research. no joke about it.

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