I've pretty much stopped posting Outlook vulnerablities...cause if you still are using outlook...weelllll...ya deserve what ya get... but since this one affects mirc as well...and is a cat3 threat...here ya go...

Discovered on: June 6, 2002
Last Updated on: June 6, 2002 at 07:19:10 AM PDT
Due to an increased rate of submissions, Symantec Security Response has upgraded the threat rating of VBS.VBSWG.AQ@mm from Category 2 to Category 3 as of June 6, 2002.

VBS.VBSWG.AQ@mm is a VBScript threat that is designed to send itself as ShakiraPics.jpg.vbs to users of Microsoft Outlook or IRC. This threat also overwrites .vbs and .vbe files with its own code. The email has the following characteristics:

Subject: Shakira's Pictures
Hi :
i have sent the photos via attachment
have funn...
Attachment: ShakiraPics.jpg.vbs