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Thread: new atm machines

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    Post new atm machines

    Most cash machines today run on International Business Machinesí aging OS/2 operating platform, which banks say is expensive to operate and to program. However, IBM isnít selling OS/2 to new customers, and many banks already are switching to the more flexible Microsoft NT operating system.

    ** taken from http://www.msnbc.com/news/762735.asp?0dm=T12NT

    can ATM machines be hacked in a similar manner as a computer? nearly everyone seems to complain about microsoft operating systems so wouldn't this make them less secure?
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    wouldnt be the first time a ATM machine has been hacked or glitched

    i wouldnt worry 2 much about it though, we always have our trusting FBI
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    indeed, damn them

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    Well as long has ATMs don't have floppy drives!

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    Most of the ATM's around here have a videocam running 24/7. Probably works better for the crimebusters than trying to trace an IP involved in an online caper.

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    I am sure that all the vunerabilities that come packaged with NT will be availible on atms as well. It is a sad day for the banking industry.
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    Best and latest ATM scam was around here and foubd out. They covered the camera and then set up a phony card reader was used to collect numbers and cards, a small video camera was hidden also to see the keypad. Don't recall the details more or less phoney ATM set up to steal card and pin numbers. Like I said did not work for very long and they lost some nice equipment to boot.
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