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Thread: Creating websites using Word

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    Creating websites using Word

    I'm creating a website using Microsoft Word, but i can't find out how to insert some raw HTML. How do I do it?

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    Open it in notepad?
    I'm sure there's an Edit HTML option in Word & Publisher if you create websites in them, but since they're not really web design programs, they probably don't have every possible feature.
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    Wouldn't it be easier to use notepad if you're going to use raw html?
    I'm not a designer by any stretch but I do know that word has it's own formatting and it can get a bit bogged down with useless code, by using notepad you'll eliminate that.

    Just an idea...someone else will come along to help you better than I, after all....I have to use a GUI program like Dreamweaver.

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    yeah, save the file from word, right click on it in explorer and choose open with notepad, insert the html and then save it again. If you inserted something like a banner ad when you open it up in word again then you will be able to move it around with the placeholders.


    PS : Remember to show us the site when it's finished 8]
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    Ok since no one gave you a good answer.

    First save it as a .html
    Then go to the view tab, look down and there should be somthing called HTML Source
    Click on that and whalla there you go. Once your done just save it. Open it back up in
    word and your done.

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    word? no. Don't use word.
    How about some macromedia products or adobe...or even notepad. There's nothing like good old notepad
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    EditPlus is quite good, its just a text editor, but it does have quite a few features and templates for other languages as well as HTML, such as C, Java, Perl, VB and someothers.


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    I used excel to create an html page once (I was a TA for a comp sci class and too lazy to create my own tables using notepad for grades). When I opened the html file (in notepad) I was amazed how much junk m$ through in comments -deleted the junk.

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    Creating websites using Word
    In a word - don't. If you're ok with HTML (the acronym stands for: Hyper text markup language btw (by the way).) First you could have a look at some of the fine tutorials in the AntiOnline Tutoruials section. Try these first:
    HTML Basics - Hot_Ice
    HTML Tables - Hot_Ice

    HTML files are just plain ASCII text files and as such can be creted in any text editor (even notepad or vi!) but a more feature rich app would be something like EditPlus (which I saw mentioned above). I like this because of the ftp open/save and code colouring features which are useful for me. But your favourite text editor is a personal thing. Try a few from www.download.com and find one that suits you.

    Mr. Google will be able to help you find more information if you're interested.

    If you really don't want to get involved with HTML then a basic wysiwig (what you see is what you get) HTML editor (that you can cut and paste into from M$Word) would be M$Frontpage Editor. M$ do a FREE cut down version of this which ships with Internet explorer (4 and above), or can be downloaded from www.microsoft.com.

    Hope that helps...
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    Been using notepad since the dawn of time for my sites....

    As for "how to insert raw code"...
    Just type it in...

    ie: <html>
    <meta tag...>
    <title>My Site</title>
    <body background=pic.jpg text=#..... link=#..... alink=#..... vlink=#.....>
    <center><h2>My Site</h2></center>


    Once done, (in notepad), save as whatever.html

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