Greetings All:

Well, after a LOT of time and energy, I am please to announce that we have finished, and have installed, our new "Auto Ban User" feature.

This feature is part of our AntiPoints System, and will serve to help keep our community free from users that are "a pain in the ass".

Once a user gets below a certain AntiPoint Total, they will be greeted with a message on the main site page warning them that if they don't shape up, their account will be removed.

After their AntiPoint Total drops below a critical level, the system will ban their account entirely.

As you know, the AntiPoint System has MANY MANY MANY checks and balances in place. Take a look at the AntiPoint Status of users in this community, and you'll see that it's about where you would expect it to be. The "Auto Ban User" feature has even further check and balances in place, to insure that it can not be abused.

Attached you will find a screen shot of the warning message that users will see once their AntiPoint Status starts falling into the red. Obviously they won't see anything if their status falls below the critical level, because their account will be banned.

We are very proud of this new feature, and hope that it proves to keep this community a place to exchange thoughts and ideas, problem free!