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Thread: w2k adv serv product id

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    w2k adv serv product id

    I know that in w98/95 u can change ur tipical Product id by changing the windows key (like xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx) and the windows seem to be other than u installed.
    I search it in a registry of w2k advabced server and i find a Product id in three diferent places and with other estructure
    (like xxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxx), i find it in:


    by the name of PoductId and in

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

    By the name of ProductId and DigitalProductid

    the digital productid its a large serial of hex number , in its interior have the "normal" productid and some more information.

    Thats the problem:

    I want to change the product the PId of my w2k and i change the las numbers of the Pid that appears in the registry in the three keys, writing the same (of course),somebody can confirm if i do the correct way and explain why dont appear the tradicional windows key ?
    its a new form of the same key?
    Because i search some keys in the net and have the same form than the 98.

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    I am just curious WHY you would want to do that?????
    Its just a odd request
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    Arrrrr matey, thar be pirates here.....
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    I'd stop while you're ahead here, you're asking for trouble. There would be no legit legal reasons you would need to change your product key, at least none that I could come up with.

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    Funny I just did a ligit W2K server install last week don't recall having to tweak the registry. Then again do that in W2K server poses serious problems with active directories. Stop don't go there do like I did spend 14k for the license and seats LOL. No resason to do this unless your testing a priated version, check a Warez site if their are any left after the last big bust.
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    sorry , it sonly curiosity, and i use a legal copy of my work in my house, to practcie with it, and secure it,if u think this is illegal, ok.
    Im only want to having any problems, only work with it in my house no use it, u think i want a server to my house computer??

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    Um, I can think of a legal reason. Well, moving towards legal anyways... When I was in college, I was among the millions who pirated software. When I got out of college and actually had some cash, I got a guilty conscience and went about buying all the software I was using and throwing away illegal copies of things I wasn't using. Well, something like this would have allowed me to remove the illegal key from my registry and put in the legal key that I had recently bought without totally reinstalling. So I guess the accurate way to describe it would be that this would have helped me move from the illegal realm to the legal realm.

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    When I was in college, I was among the millions who pirated software. When I got out of college and actually had some cash, I got a guilty conscience and went about buying all the software I was using and throwing away illegal copies of things I wasn't using.
    Oh, how I remember those days... after the PWA bust in 2000, that's when I realized the seriousness of the hobby and got really, really paranoid and threw all the warez away. Ever since then, I decided proprietary software is like a Ferrari; you want it, it's nice, and it attracts everybody, but it gives me no license to drive it off the lot cuz only the rich can afford it.

    As for changing your product key, you can only legally change your product key when you buy the appropriate license to do so, and even then, Microsoft grats you the rights with more licenses in which (If it's per seat or per server) you can install more workstations to your network. The next time a surprise audit comes along from a former disgruntled ex-employee who called BSA or SIIA, you have the licenses to prove you bought it. Don't worry, there is no need to change keys; when you buy more licenses, Micorsoft gives them to you on a silver platter Lastly, you can make you licensing chores easier by using a License server to automatically connect to M$ and request more licenses as you need them. Isn't M$ grand? hehe.

    If you do not like the idea of buying a license for every workstation that goes on your network, then there is nothing wrong with using *NIX workstations/servers if you are using TCP/IP.

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