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Thread: extra-help for AV

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    extra-help for AV

    here is something I was reading up on today...

    ----no its not for pests as in vermin

    if anyone decides to try it let me know, it looks like a very interesting util.
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    I was a little scared to come into this thread....you know, with that little gas problem you seem to have acquired.


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    It seems like a handy little tool. I espescially like the flow chart diagram....LOL..

    Here's a c'n'p from the site
    The problem is inbound...
    Non-viral malicious codeŚhacker
    tools, trojans, DDoS attack agents, spywareŚcan
    sneak past your existing defenses.
    ...and outbound.
    Once inside, they assume the identity
    of authorized users and silently transmit whatever
    information the hacker requests.

    A quality virus scanner will pick up most of the stuff listed above. For the things AV wont detect you can download freeware products that WILL detect it. I guesss it's just a question of wether or not you want to spend the cash....

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