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Thread: Need help defraggling ur HDD?

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    Need help defraggling ur HDD?

    Hey Guys,

    seeems I have to learn a new skill when I de-fraggel my hard drives..

    Check this out


    If you have Windows on your Data machine, You'll find the OS on the top disc, you'll recognize it easily, it's much heavier then the rest of the discs
    thought that was cool.. and this..

    If you use Linux, then you'll of course don't need to do this operation at all...
    have fun guys check out some of the other kumputer tips..

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    Hilarious post. I laughed so hard my wife came in to make sure I was ok.

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    On a serious note, isn't ext2fs prone to fragmentation? If it is, how do you defragment the hdd under Linux?
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