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    Very strange story.

    Check this out...

    Man set fire to cars due to orgasmic police sirens

    A Thai man arrested for setting fire to cars said he did it because the sound of sirens sent him into a sexual frenzy.

    The man told police that after setting the vehicles alight he went to buy a beer and then called the police.

    He said he stayed to watch as the flashing lights and sirens of police and fire vehicles caused him to have an orgasm.

    Police finally arrested the man after a witness spotted him driving away from a burning car.

    When confronted by the police, the man said he felt stressed and had a headache. He added that setting fire to cars relieved the stress.

    He also confessed to arson attacks on two trucks and another car on the same night, reports the Kom Chad Luek newspaper.

    Police added that he had been in jail for two years on a similar charge and after his release got a job a volunteer fireman in Udonthani province. Doctors said he needs help.

    Source: Ananova
    This guy is seriously sick in the head.

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    lots of really wierd people in the world and sadly this is one of the more tame storys iv herd.

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    /me runs and hides all cars near me
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    Doctors said he needs help.
    LOL! Y'a think!!

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    Where on earth do people get such weird fetishes???????
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