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    we are hosting ourselves..
    the easiest way to earn much money with small input is to get a dedicated server.
    if you have the ded youll certainly also get a 24/7-rebooting service!

    actually you dont have to care about anything beside setting up the domains and accounts..

    if the server goes offline you always can rely on the guarantee you got from the provider hosting your ded..

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    + do not forget to limit the traffic for your customers.
    6 gigs or something like that should be enough.

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    It seems that there's also a trend by new hosting services to offer limited free pro hosting packages. For example: run a paying host service but when you start you give (let's say) 20 free hosting packages away on first come first served base... this will attract ppl to your host for sure . Specially when you offer 5gb traffic, 100 Mb Space, php, cgi, ftp, asp, email
    If you want to do things like that: notify me first please...


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    Don't forget about volume discounts.

    You generally want to increase gains when they pay more.


    10mb,1 e-mail for $3/mon
    50mb, 2 e-mails for $5/mon
    120mb, 5 e-mails for $10/mon
    300mb, 15 e-mails for $20/mon

    also, don't forget about marketing (ad-free, cgi-bin, blah blah blah).

    good luck, try not to sell shell accounts, eggbots = downtime.

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    well, if your just starting out and you have no customers so far, you might be able to bump up the price a bit, and say it's a "deticated server", because tecnically, it is! just a thought....

    Either get busy living or get busy dying.

    -The Sawshank Redemption

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