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    Question question about virus code

    I am wondering if an email that has been quarantined by my nortons can still produce the code when you expand the header to find out where the virus came from. I got this code with the expanded header and am just wondering if it is indeed the virus code?

    I would search google but I gotta be honest I don't even know where to start looking.

    I have read about reading the codes of viri to understand them better but honestly don't know if that is what I have here. Thanks in advance.

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    Should be. Depending on the antivirus program. It could be default to quarantine the virus so it can be submitted.
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    The header of the email will only give you an idea of where the email with the virus was sent from. Most virus scanners that I have worked with will tell you what the virus is or at least give you a filename to search with.


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    It is an automatic quarantine, thanks for the info I never thought that they might save the code for the submission. Duh on me. I had read a thread recently from someone wondering if you could read a virus code without catching the virus. I guess that answers my question. Thank you very much. It never ceases to impress me how helpful on this site.

    That is why I spend so much time here reading. Of course my eyes are going to **** but oh well.

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