KPMG-2002019: BlackICE Agent not Firewalling After Standby.


Title: BlackICE Agent not Firewalling After Standby

BUG-ID: 2002019
Released: 06th Jun 2002

In a default installation, The BlackICE Agent might not reactivate
when the host returns from standby. This could allow a malicious
user to bypass the firewall completely.

- BlackICE Agent 3.1 eal on Windows 2000 laptop

Not Vulnerable:
- BlackICE Agent 3.1 ebh on Windows 2000 laptop

The BlackICE Agent setup contains the parameter
"restart.whenSuspend", which should be enabled by default. This,
however, is not always the case, and as a result the firewall
might not reactivate after a system standby. The BlackICE Agent
would still give all the appearences of being active, but the
filter function would not be in effect, and network communication
would be possible to the same extent as if the software wasn't

Vendor URL:
You can visit the vendor webpage here:

Vendor response:
The vendor was notified on the 15th of March, 2002. The issue was
assigned case number 526997. On the 18th of March, we received a
workaround that seemingly solved the issue. On the 6th of June, 2002
the vendor informed us that the issue had been corrected in the
latest build.

Corrective action:
Upgrade to BlackICE Agent V3.1 EBH, available through:

Author: Andreas Sandor (