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    Question Antipoints

    Hi everyone,

    To my bad luck, im writing this mail the second time, i lost it once
    emm..so yeah, to begin with, i believe that the antipoints system that has been started on the website is really good, however, it has a dark side too. I'll get straight to the point.

    When somebody gives you negative or positive antipoints, especially negative points, they dont always, instead most of the times, specify a valid reason for the decision. Most of the times, it is just because of a grudge or they feel like giving negative points, they write a silly message and giggle and assign the negative point to no reason.

    So i believe, that a possible solution would be that we get the name of the person who has assigned points, negative or positive, to us, which would clearly put us in a better state to judge if the person was resposible or not. Because, i cannot imagine a better way to judge a person's credibility to be or responsible or not enough to give points.

    To cut a long story short, i think a better way is that the name of the Antipoint-giver be also revealed when the antipoints are given.

    Well, i think i made my point clear, i hope that you guys agree, or even have a better solution.

    thanking you
    iz me

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    Hi mom!
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    In the past, this has been discussed over and over and over (and over and over) again. The downside of your suggestion is that when people know who send them the antipoints, they might deside to give some antipoints back to that person, thus starting some sort of antipoints war. Search the forums, you'll see that there are hundreds of post on this topic. The discussion, however, is considered closed.
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    Please tell me I did not just read this thread???????????

    You have been here since March and haven't seen this discussed about 50 times since then.

    The Name giver will NOT be given out.
    The System will NOT be changed.
    This thread WILL be closed very soon.
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    Not Another Antipoints Thread!!!

    The whole idea of the antipoints system is that assigners remain anonymous. Otherwise no-one would dare give negative points to senior members. E.g. If I gave negative APs to souleman now and the system wasn't anonymous, he could see who had assigned him the APs and hit me back in return. Only I'd be worse off because he assigns more points than me each time. Everyone (especially newbies/junior members with few antipoints) would be scared of using the system for fear of reprisals.

    If you want to ask someone about their APs assignment, click the 'contact user about this assignment' link next to the APs and a PM will be sent asking them why they gave you APs. Most users will respond to this request (I certainly will), but if they don't then that means they'd rather remain anonymous, which is fine.

    Whilst this thread may not be closed (yet), the discussion about whether the AP system should remain anonymous is. To quote JP: "the AntiPoint system is a strange and magical thing. Don't ask why or how it works, just accept that fact that it does" (reference).
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    You must be psychic, Souleman...

    Thread closed.

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