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    Question Dealing with spam security hole

    How do I encourage someone to stop attempting to exploit a vulnerable script without kicking a hornetís net?

    I had a CGI on a site, that had a spam related security hole. The hole was discovered and used to transmit spam for 2 days before we stopped it. The script is gone, but the server continues to be hit every 15 seconds. The error log is growing cumbersome.

    I discovered the email address of the person who took advantage of the vulnerability, but Iím reluctant to redirect all the requests back to them. I donít want to draw a hackerís guns to my site.

    How do I persuade them to move along without pissing them off?

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    Report it to his ISP.
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    The best way is to refer this matter to the person's ISP. If you know the IP you can get the users ISP, then send an e-mail to "abuse@theISP.com". If the ISP is not "Spam Friendly" they will likely punt the user.


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    Definitely report it to his ISP.

    Make sure you send some accompanying logs.
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    Report to the ISP, chances are they will punt him or something, most ISP's are getting close on spam and trying to stop it.
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