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Thread: Some Tips for Kazaa and Morpheus

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    Some Tips for Kazaa and Morpheus

    Increase the quality of the music that can be found in a search

    Goto the registry and then
    Click on
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Kazaa\advanced . Once you have selected this there should be a DWORD that says LimitBitrate (If there is not one then create a new DWORD called "LimitBitrate")
    Once you have done that enter a value of 0 and you should be able to download those 360KBPS files. They are rare though but there are a few.

    You can also change max search results..
    The maximum is a 100 but you can also make it 10000 if you want
    go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Kazaa\advanced and change Dword MaxSearchResult to what ever you want.

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    Thanks a lot, I'll try the max search results one but I've got quite a slow connection (42.6k) so I think i'll skip getting 360kbps files, they'd take hours to download!
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