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    Nice find RA...

    Here's a question I've been thinking for a while...

    A virus can continue to infect and damage systems, right?
    Is the author accountable for the damage before his trial, or is he also responsible for damages done after his trial/sentence?

    Think about it, same tools and means but different victim...

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    I'm not sure but I think the author is only responsible for the damages done before the trial because in the US you can't be charged of the same crime twice. Like the author of the melissa virus. He's went to trial and recieved his sentence so he can't be accountable for other damages caused by the virus. I could be wrong though.. wouldn't be the first time.


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    i suppose he is responsable but if people (lamerz) decide to spread it whilst the guys in jail is he gonna get time just because of that. and another fact is that are the cops going to go get him every 2 weeks to make him cough up his wages for some guys computer (which is his problem, but, hey were considerate). that guy f*****d your comp for a while but you could f**k his life for a lot longer.

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    I think most anti-virus software will detect and remove the Melissa virus. It's an old virus and hasn't been active for a whie. I guess it's still possible though. The Melissa virus was like the blue prints for all e-mail spreading worms. Since then, there's been more malacious viruses that spread through other services. The virus wasn't much of a threat, morel ike a nuisance. All it did was spread and occasionaly print a quote from "The Simpsons"..


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    Here in my town a man was convicted of murder when the man he shot months ago finally died of his wounds. He was originally convicted of the shooting, but now that the victim has died of shooting-related wounds, the DA will attempt to add more charges. I would guess that the courts may use precedence from cases like this one, where the writer of the virus could be charged with yet more crimes if the virus is still spreading after he has been convicted of the original crime. That being said, I wonder how you would STOP charging the writer of Klez-H say, if the Klez-H virus continues to damage systems for years.
    I talked to a lawyer about this and he mentioned that if the virus were to 'mutate' into another virus, the man could possibly be brought up on new charges. But this is subject to legal definition of 'mutate'.
    That being said, I, who am not a lawyer, think that it may be too early to answer this question as this is a relatively new 'field' of crime - we'll have to see what the courts do with the cases they're hearing now.

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    also, if a person is tried in one country, he still can be prosecuted by other countrys.
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