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Thread: Q308034- Nt 4.0 Sp7

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    Question Q308034- Nt 4.0 Sp7

    After the Protected Storage service accesses a user's private key, an unencrypted copy of the key remains in the computer's memory. This copy of the private key remains stored in random access memory (RAM) even when the user logs off the computer and another user logs on.In a highly secure environment, this may be a security vulnerability.


    Ok, so i found this while searching the hotfixes for Nt 4.0 SP7. According to a search on google.com, Protected storage service holds all passwords that are stored form IE, outlook, etc.
    Problem 2: You can't get the patch unless you call microsoft. You can download it from their ftp, but they have encrypted it.

    Anyone have have any insights or comments?

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    Just to be nitpicky and a pain the ass, there is no SP7 for NT. Last Service Pack was 6a.
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    NT sp7 = win2k SP2(not really...but thats pretty much what you get) NT is dead and is no longer being developed...they will patch it since they support it...but thats it
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    Actually it is just the way MS refers to fixes. This fix should be called Pre-SP7. Even though SP7 will probably never be released.

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    M$ aren't releasing the planned sp7, but will continue to release patches / hotfixes for the foreseable future. You can take that to the bank.
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