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    Online Computer Stores?

    What are some good computer stores online where I can buy parts for a new computer I am building? I need a store with cheap prices. I need the site to have all the parts on there. I don't want to be ordering from a bunch of sites. I'd appreciate it if you guys could hook me up with some good links. Thanks

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    You're asking to get flamed...do a search for cheap computer parts or something. That's how I found this one.

    Do keep in mind, I have NO experience with the website. Use your own judgement.
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    No offense guys but tiger is a bit expensive at times.

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    also try:


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    Directron is fantastic!

    I was just shopping new power supplies and they had one with highlighted text at the top of the page advising people not to buy as they were having high RMA's on that particular brand.
    Wow..when was the last time you saw a company advise you NOT to buy a product they were selling?

    Only thing, watch shipping charges on larger items, they'll nail you.

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    Tiger's been getting fairly pricy lately - particularly on things like Vid boards... at least, compared to others I've seen at who-knows-where-anymore... *shrug*
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    i get decent deals from a guy at www.microwarehouse.com
    networking equip i get from www.blackbox.com
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    some good choices above, but be sure to compare prices..
    www.pricewatch.com will give you some of the best prices on new
    and refurbished items.. with the links to the various vendors.

    me, i prefer to go to computer fairs that have a lot of vendors and haggle amoungst
    them.. saying.. "yeah but this guy over there will give me this for that"

    but building your own these days, as for saving money, doesn't go as far as it used to.
    (it's great for learning 'tho.. ) as they can put together a custom box in 30 mins with
    software preloaded, 2 yrs warranty, etc. (of course it's xp now.. which i won't use)

    overall.. i guess i like to see what i want up front.. getting it from a somewhat local
    vendor in case of problems.. and go home that day with it to load up whatever
    software i need... with toys.. "i wanna play, right after i pay"

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